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How To Get Rid of Holiday Stress…

December 18th, 2014

IMG_2301_2Sometimes you hear something and it’s shocking – really floors you.

That’s how I felt when I discovered 3 out of 4 women experience chronic stress. And now with all the holiday extra’s thrown in, it could be even higher.

Mama mia how to keep your sparkle with all that radiance robbing going on?!

So be honest, how are YOU holding up? Do you have a plan in place to combat the seasons stress bandits?

As a woman you know all too well how stress can affect your energy leaving you feeling tired and out of sorts. It’s easy to lose sight of your divine radiance when you’re juggling the day-to-day demands of life. Even the most evolved woman will occasionally feel out of touch with her strengths.

Can I be honest with you? I’m right there with you – the last few weeks have been rough both professionally and personally with my dad back in the hospital.

So I did something that brought peace AND joy back into my heart and I’d like to share it with you in hopes that it will help you get happy too.

It’s something so easy and simple. Sometimes we forget how easy it is to get out of the rabbit hole to feel “whole” again.

A few of my friends and I went to my church’s Christmas musical program a few days ago and just sitting in such a sacred space, listening to beautiful Christmas carols completely took away my stress and anxiety and brought me to a place of peace and serenity.

Sometimes we forget how easy it is to get out of the rabbit hole to feel “whole” again.

Music, sound vibration has the ability to shake out the discord.

Did you know the vibration of sound has many effects on both the conscious and the unconscious levels allowing powerful shifts to occur? The influence of sound can energize, uplift, and rejuvenate the feminine spirit.

Sound is an unseen awesome energy – think of the opera singer that hits a high note and breaks glass. Although you cannot physically see the energy of the music you know it’s forceful because the glass breaks. Pretty amazing, right?

Here are a few other wondrous benefits of music:

  • Helps you to be wholly aligned with your feminine essence
  • Increases confidence as a woman
  • Attunes you to the inherent joy of life
  • Fully connects you to your own sensuality and beauty
  • Releases anxiety and surrender the need to control
  • Taps into intuition allowing wiser decisions and greater clarity
  • Feel sexier, healthier, lighter, stronger, and deliciously feminine

The healing vibrations of music will help you to get rid of unhealthy, negative energy so that you can easily access your natural feminine power, balance your spirit, bring peace, and connect to your sensual, radiant, divine essence – .empowering you to shine your brightest this season.

In other words you can BREATHE again and get back to your feminine sparkling mojo! Hallelujah!!!

Whether you attend a musical program at your place of worship, go to a concert, tune into your favorite radio station, put on Pandora or find some rockin carolers to listen to – take the time to treat yourself to a musical bath. You will feel your stress melt away and your vibrancy come back to life. AND as you begin to shimmer and shine again your kids, friends and family will get the ripple effect making the holidays merrier than ever.

Make the decision right now to listen to something you love – what will that be? Choose it and take action on it today!

You need to be doing this to be happy

December 11th, 2014

photophoto (1)One important thing I’ve learned about living a life of happiness that’s full of richness is that it requires one very special ingredient – FUN!

No matter what is going on in your life if you are able to laugh and play you can endure anything! When you are having fun the heavy veils lift, the sky’s open and fairy dust comes pouring down to brighten your heart and give you a fresh perspective.

This time of year is perfect to add some fun into your life – there are so many festive things to do for the holidays.

Are you in?

I know you have a lot on your plate this month but before you say you don’t have time consider the cost of pushing yourself to exhaustion:

a.  crazy stress that affects your health
b.  short tempered – maybe even yelling at your kids unnecessarily
c.  feeling disconnected in your relationships
d.  insomnia
e.  so tired you collapse at the end of the day only to get up the next day and do it all over again.

Woudn’t it be great to give your mind and body a break? To love yourself enough to say, “Hey, I deserve to enjoy my life and I know if I’m happy that’s going to flow out to my kids, partner, friends, co-workers and make everyone’s life happier!”

And that’s the key – it’s our connection to self and others that gives life it’s richness and adds meaning to our precious time on earth.

There is a ton you can do on your own or with friends and family this month.  Click here to read the full article.  I have some annual traditions I’ll share with you plus other idea’s you can engage in to bring a sparkle to your soul.

Hope this Step-by-Step Plan is Helpful

December 4th, 2014

Ever feel like you’ve lost touch with who you are?

Does it seem like it’s up to you to do everything and there’s not a moment to yourself?

You’re probably insanely capable and competent – a rock star woman who can handle anything, but deep down don’t you long for a man to take over at times so you can not only breathe but feel supported?

When I was married – this was always the scenario I was caught up in – wanting my man to take care of something, anything – but if I had to wait more than what I considered an appropriate “step up time” it was too late. I would immediately go into, “I’ll just do it myself, it’s easier,” and stuff the resentful thought, “I can’t believe he won’t help me – why do I have to do it all?”

Well this proved pretty disastrous in my relationship and when things crumbled I had to get honest with myself and admit I’d been leading with my masculine energy way more than my feminine.

After a good chat with a dear friend who pointed out I would have gotten more support and had a better relationship if I had been leading with my womanly charms, I realized I had to make major changes that were uncomfortable for me. Breathing life into my feminine nature became my sole focus. I also knew on a soul level learning to be flirtatious and dressing more “feminine” were good first steps, but this was more than a surface make-over, I had to dig deep and create a new mindset if I was going to become the leading lady of my life.

Years of conditioning and choice making based in fear and doubt had left me in a vicious tug of war between “I can do this” and “This is too hard.” Even though I had seen evidence that my feminine nature had a power and magic all of its own, I still reverted to my old masculine style of rigid control most of the time.

Thankfully, an idea popped into my awareness. If I was having a difficult time figuring out how to own my feminine, maybe I could find someone to model my behavior after. Certain I knew someone who was living out the sensual feminine life style that I craved, I mentally searched my circle of my friends.

Two names jumped right out to me. I set up times to be out and about with them and I took notes. I watched their gestures, their stance, their faces and most importantly, I watched how men acted around them.
These women had an ease and comfort with themselves that I couldn’t relate to. They exuded sexiness. Their flirtiness was so natural and engaging that when they came into the room, all of the men looked their way and the single men flocked to them.

With their support and counsel, I stepped gingerly into the ring. I was scared, nervous and wanted to throw up, but I was determined. If these ladies could do it, so could I. Although I stumbled quite a bit along the way, eventually I found a sense of confidence and became comfortable allowing my feminine leading lady to awaken and form.

I even discovered there was a way for me to make my masculine side helpful – giving it the job of taking actions to help me expedite the re-birthing of my feminine side. I could create an inner harmony that truly transformed my relationship with myself.

So who could you use as a role model to help you step more into the leading lady of your life? If you don’t have a role model, you might pick someone in pop culture who you admire. Scarlett Johansson and Dolly Parton are not only comfortable in their skin but empowered women overall. You can learn alot watching them in performance and in live interviews. I’m not suggesting you are not enough on your own or that you have to be something other than yourself; no, it is just that without a well developed feminine side, you are really only half of yourself.

The exciting news is it’s possible! All you have to do is create a plan and take actionable steps to get you there. Now there is one caveat, this is not about comparing yourself—it will just make you feel less than. One trick I do to keep my role models from intimidating me, or stir up my shy little girl feminine self, is to picture them with sopping wet hair and no makeup.

Being inspired by others is God’s gift to you—His way of giving you an example to learn from so that you will know how to manifest the same in your life.

Use this step-by-step action plan to become the leading lady of your life:
1. Frame a picture of a celebrity, public figure, relative, or friend you admire and place it in clear view so that you are reminded of the traits you want to embody.
2. Write down what makes them so attractive to you – both their attitude, their behavior and their language.
3. Take time every day to look at the photo of your Feminine Leading Lady Role Model and say out loud, “I honor your traits of ______________ , and know I can own them too!”
4. Sit in a chair, close your eyes and breathe into this affirmation. Pull the persona into your core with each breath. What it would be like to possess these qualities for yourself.
5. Thank God that your subconscious mind is working night and day instilling the new demeanor you desire.

Tis the season…to sparkle from the inside out! Take these steps and step into YOUR life – it’s waiting for you!!!

Please leave a comment if this article was helpful or resonated with you – love to hear from you!

Don’t Forget: Feeling Funky is Optional!!

November 12th, 2014

Sad Woman Option 1If you’ve ever woken up in a funk, feeling “off”, with a sad, angry or fearful heart affecting your happiness I want you to know you are not alone, AND there’s a simple way out:) Hallelujah!

Let’s face it – the ups and downs and curveballs in life will test you on every level – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. To be totally transparent my life at one time was fraught with breakdown in every area – marriage, career, finances and friendships. It was a struggle to clear the clutter, focus and follow through to get to where I am now, positively impacting thousands of women. In all honesty, there were plenty of incredibly painful moments.

After my divorce when I began to rebuild and create a happy life I had to develop a new mindset. I have to admit, at first it was difficult for me to stop blaming others for my lot in life, forgive and forget, get honest and start taking responsibility for my part.

Initially turning my thoughts around seemed an impossible feat, like turning the Titanic around. But as time went by, I was able to stop the suffering, because I was tired of my thoughts taking me down the rabbit hole and I knew that having a happy life was the way out. And, I chose it, and got behind it energetically, with the help of my friends, mentors, healers and God.

I realized I needed mentorship, connection to the Divine, and some serious community support to be able to clear the cobwebs, keep focus and move forward with strength and grace.

And, I found it. I discovered the tools to shift the unhealthy thinking, fill my heart with love and take my power back and I’m totally in love with my life. But more importantly, I’m crazy for my clients and love teaching them what I’ve learned.

I want YOU to have the tools to take your power back so that your life is on fire with fun and emotional freedom – bigger than your fears.

Click here to discover the tool to get out of a “funk”.


I hope you are not doing this…

November 6th, 2014

Sunday night a very wise speaker, Dr. Drew Sams, opened my eyes and mind with a powerful question. It had such an impact on me I want to share it with you.

What are you pouring your life into?

He began by holding up a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and talked about its value. Depending on the restaurant and time of year (New Year’s Eve being the coup d’ etat) it could range from $100 to $350 a bottle. He went on to say this champagne even holds a royal warrant from Queen Elizabeth 11. Impressive. No one in the room disagreed with him – it was acknowledged to be very valuable champagne.

Next he showed us a trashcan filled with coffee grounds, banana peels and used tissues. He then uncorked the bottle and started pouring it into the trash…getting the visual? Wow, just like that, the Veuve lost its value!

There’s something about a visual that really brings home the truth, isn’t there? You could hear a pin drop as the audience was quietly taking in the point – no matter how valuable you think you are or are perceived to be – the minute you start pouring yourself into garbage, you lose your value.

My mind immediately flew to all the things I have put my energy into both in the past and present that are a total waste of time, dilute my essence, and make me weary and downright ugly at times. Mama mia so many things!

What about you? What are you pouring your life into? Can you see where you might be engaging in behaviors that diminish your beautiful essence? That might look like chasing bright shiny objects or pouring yourself into work for materialistic gain. Maybe you’re putting your energy into things like sadness, anger, complaining, blaming and focusing on the negative. Or perhaps you are stuck in toxic thoughts about your boss, obsessing about something your partner said or did to you, involved in relationships that bring you down, suck you dry and bring out the worst in you?

One thing is for sure – Dr. Drew brought fresh perspective and insight to living a life of happiness. His demonstration also begs the question – how do you want to spend your time? The truth is you are here for a reason – you have magnificent gifts and talents – WHO and WHAT do you want to shower them on to make a difference on the planet?
It’s all a choice right? What if you chose to pour your light and love into your kids, your partner, your friends, your neighborhood, your clients, your co-workers, the homeless, the weak, the poor?

What if you showed grace and forgiveness, turning the other cheek and rising above the need to be right? What if you softened and opened your heart letting your joy kiss someone’s sorrow away?

Since we are officially headed into the season of giving I invite you to a fun CHALLENGE:

For the month of November, every morning when you get up, ask/pray/meditate on who or what needs your light and love and then pour into them – either with physical action or prayer/blessings.

If you don’t get an answer be on the lookout for an opportunity during the day. It might be an elderly person who needs a door opened for them or help carrying groceries. It could be a child who’s scared or needs extra attention. The point is to keep your eyes peeled and see where you can add your value in ways that will make a positive difference.

I’m doing this challenge with you!

Let’s stop pouring our energy into garbage and start spending our time filling others up with love and blessings. Are you in???

If this article touched or resonated with you please share your comments below :))

Are you giving up on yourself when you really want something?

October 30th, 2014

photoAre you giving up on yourself when you really want something?

Have you ever fooled yourself into believing you could “skip” a step or two and still get what you want?

Well I sure have. The 10K Mud Run I participated in last weekend is a great example. Since I’ve been working out with a group for the past 6 months – religiously following the schedule except for one small exercise – I thought I was in shape for this race.

It turned out I wasn’t as prepared as I thought…you see the one “small” exercise I consistently ditched was STRENGTH training and little did I know the Mud Run would have 15 obstacles (a la Private Benjamin LOL) including climbing a knotted 14 foot rope and ringing a bell – SERIOUSLY???

I couldn’t get past the first knot! In fact there were a couple of obstacles I didn’t complete because I didn’t have the upper body strength… and I quickly learned, all those work-outs I told myself I didn’t need (and avoided I might add) were KEY to my ease in getting through all the obstacles.

What I clearly got was I had been fooling myself! My coach put strength training in the mix for a reason – I had not followed her plan because I don’t like weight training – it’s HARD and BORING. So every time that exercise popped up on my workout schedule I massaged my ego with excuses that got me off the hook. But guess what? Doing it MY WAY made that race HARDER and I actually injured myself.

Not being adequately equipped for the Mud Run race made me weary and a bit disheartened humbly reminding me what I thought I was getting away with came back to bite me in the you know where LOL.

Did I ever learn a great lesson!!

Since then I have completely shifted my mindset around strength training because I now know it’s KEY in preparing me to handle challenges with more confidence and ease.

It’s only the willingness I’ve had to see what isn’t working and do the work to change it that has helped me create a life I love.

Why am I telling you this? Because this translates into every area of life and you are probably doing something similar and not getting the results you want. Ask yourself where you’re doing things your way and running up against the same problems again and again?

Then click here to read the full article and learn how to clear the path to a more fulfilling life.

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October 23rd, 2014

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