Is your love life lonely, non-existent, or dull and disappointing? Do you long for love and romance?

Discover How to Unleash 

Your Playful, Sexy Self & 

Create a Sparkling Love Life!

Whether you're single or in a committed relationship the secret to getting a
love life full of romance, passion and soul-to-soul connection is YOU!

Keep reading to discover the key to unlocking your playful, confident, sexy enchantress …

Sherri Nickols

Sherri Nickols
The "Sparkle Diva"
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Hi Beautiful,

Do you yearn for a juicy, romantic, closely connected and intimate relationship?

Do you want to be playful and sensual but have forgotten how (or maybe never learned)? 

Have you given too much of yourself caring for your children and partner that you've lost touch with who you are?

Or has your love disintegrated into resentment and loneliness that leaves you thinking, “Is this it?”

Sadly, you’re not alone.

If you are like millions of women, you long for a luscious love life.  You want the heady passion and romance that marks the early days of a relationship to last forever.  However, you discover, this often fades into a comfortable companionship … fostering feelings of loneliness... anger and resentment... hopelessness and disappointment. 

At this point, you either leave (as many of you have) or spend the rest of your life being miserable, living with the knowledge that you deserve more.

That’s why I’m writing.

Most women don't know the secret to creating the love and romance they dreamed of as a young girl.

The secret will not only transform your love life from dull to Technicolor vivid, it will infuse the rest of your life and every other relationship with passion too. 

The secret? Reconnecting with the real YOU! The playful, passionate, in-love-with-life sensual woman who adores herself … and showers the people around her with love. 

Being grounded in your own greatness while confidently expressing your feminine, sexy Self is intoxicating for men. They'll find you positively irresistible … falling hopelessly in love with your heart, your soul, and your mind.

And if you are in a committed relationship your spouse or partner will fall in love with you all over again - Whooohooo!

I Know Because I’ve Experienced It Myself.

I’m Sherri Nickols, the Sparkle Diva. I help women from all walks of life rediscover their inner sparkle.  And boy, have I been in your shoes!

When I was married I was so bored and lonely I would go to the grocery store for excitement. Can you imagine? Shopping for produce and reading labels was more fun than being at home with my hubby. My relationship had dissolved into a disappointing routine – the reality was a far cry from the fantasy I had envisioned.

Where had the intimacy, passion and connection gone?

What happened to the butterflies and tingles of those early heady days of love?

Why weren't we sharing our dreams and fears anymore ... choosing instead to spend time separately - him watching T.V., me working on household projects?

I didn't have the answers.  But I knew who to blame.

You guessed - I secretly blamed my husband for the lack of romantic adventure in our life. I saw sexy interludes as his responsibility and he flunked big time.

And what happened to those sweet, sentimental gifts from the heart? Finding a big green plastic suitcase under the Christmas tree was the icing on the cake for me! Come on, my neighbor’s sugar cookies were more personal!

Rather than addressing the problem, I stuffed my emotional disappointment, contracted, resented. The relationship grew more boring and less intimate, with barely any authentic connection.

If you’re nodding your head in agreement because this sounds like your current or most recent relationship … listen up!

Because I wasn’t the only dissatisfied one in the relationship. While I stewed and complained, he went out and found himself another woman. When I discovered that he was having an affair, my marriage collapsed like a house of cards.

But in the rubble, I discovered diamonds.

The Real Reason Your Love Life Is Dull and Disappointing

When I asked my husband why he had cheated, his answer was like a sucker punch to the gut.

He had strayed because his lover had the playful feminine spirit I had once had, but lost. She made him feel like a man – whereas I made him feel emasculated. I had abandoned my feminine side. And when I did, my connection to my husband withered away.

After my husband left, I remember looking in the mirror and saying, “Wow, who have I become?” I wasn’t living in my feminine power. I didn’t even recognize myself.
  • I didn’t allow him to be my hero
  • I was aggressive and hard
  • I didn’t respect his decisions
  • I was serious and critical
I even dressed masculine. My independence left no room for a man to be in my world.

Sound familiar?
Is YOUR Love Life Less than Luscious?

Be honest. Has your relationship or most resent relationship sufferied from any of these telltale signs of romantic rut?

~Saturday night means staying in and watching a movie, for the third time, and ordering Chinese take-out…

~You once waited for his calls with breathless anticipation… you now let them go to voice mail…

~The last meaningful conversation you had was about the kids or your work...

~You used to joyfully shave your legs daily.. now it’s just another chore…

~You wonder why he doesn’t bring you flowers anymore or surprise you with little gifts of love…

~Your sex life is passionless or nonexistent – you might as well be brother and sister…

~His idea of romance is basketball tickets

~You keep waiting for your man to turn into Don Juan –only to experience disappointment and anger over and over again.

Did you recognize one or more of these common warning signs?

The good news is that you don’t have to settle or accept such a lack luster love life. 

Unleash Your Passionate, Playful
Feminine Spirit & Create Your Own Road
 Map to Romance

Girlfriend, WAKE UP… it's time to rock your love life with a new, fabulous, fun and seductive attitude!

After my marriage crumbled I realized that over the course of my relationship, I had lost my feminine, fun-filled, sexy Self. It was suddenly SO CLEAR.

Why hadn’t I taken the bull by the horns and created the steamy nights I fantasized about?

Why had I left everything up to him?

I had become a boring, serious, workaholic with “conditions” for romance. The light bulb went off.  I realized that men are not mind readers and most have no clue how to give us “romance” in the package we expect.

It's simple: If you want more romance, connection and passion...YOU need to take the lead.

The process begins by reclaiming your sparkling, playful spirit.  Making your inner diamond sparkle is your PASSPORT to passion, connection and intimacy.

Once you set the stage and invite him into your enchanting, feminine lair (I'll help you!), don't worry - he'll take it form there.

How do I know this? Because when I entered the dating scene again I pledged to reclaim my fun, soft and sensual self - to balance my feminity with my power.  I vowed to adopt a whole new persona.  I made a conscious choice to be alluring, adventurous, daring and bold. 

I bought new clothes and traveled. I exercised, took up yoga, and spent a lot of time with my girlfriends. In short, I started having FUN. I discovered what I liked and what made me feel good.

When I started dating, I carried my passion and confidence into my relationships. I got involved with a wonderful man and my self-expression was unleashed! I began creating fun, invitational romance packages that lead to adventurous interludes. I was having the time of my life and fell deeply in love.

Meanwhile my married friends were inspired by what I was doing and started looking at their relationships. They didn’t want to end up in the divorce ditches like I had. So they heeded my story as a warning sign … and began rediscovering their playful, sensual, sexy selves. 

In the 10 years since then, I’ve helped career driven females and “Super Moms” from around the globe get their “Sparkle” on. I inspire women to unearth the diamond in them, tap into their sensuality and create the romantic adventure often missing in their lives.

Now I want to share my proven strategies to help you put the sparkle back in your love life.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun… Right?
Ultimately, it’s Not About Him!
It’s about You Feeling Sexy & Free!

You want a juicy, delicious life don’t you? Instead of reading romance novels, you want to BE the story, right?

So the first thing I did was find my diamond power - my sparkle. It's your passion, your magnetic charm; the enchantress in you.  The Greeks call it Kefi.

Stepping outside my comfort zone and unleashing my desires and passions changed my life. And it will change yours, too! It’s my job to help you find your sparkle, fall in love with yourself and bring your sexy enchantress into your life and relationship.


Discover How to Find & Own Your

Playful, Sexy, Self!

During “Discover How to Find & Own Your Playful, Sexy Self!,” you’ll take the bull by the horns to create the love and romance you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether you are single or in a committed relationship, I've designed this 4-week tele-playshop to help you explore the enchantress in you. You’ll rediscover how to play and flirt … to be sexy and sensual … to create the love and passion you dream of.

This is an opportunity to get in touch with your seductive side – and yes we all have one! You may not be comfortable with this side, but I am here to hold your hand and help you GET comfortable. I will walk you through the steps to transform your boring, routine relationship into a luscious love affair.  If you are single, I'll guide you to attract a juicy and delicious relationship.

During this time you will learn several success strategies (that work) and be given the tools to let go of limiting thoughts and release any emotional blocks so you can get your sparkle on!

Let me tell you how that’s going to happen…

Give Me Just 4 Short Weeks and You’ll Be
 On Your Way to Total Transformation

If you need help owning your Sexy Sparkle Factor, this step-by-step plan is for you.

Module 1 – Discover Your Diamond Power

The key to unlocking a passionate life is unearthing and owning your inner sparkle – I call it your “Diamond Power.” The Greeks call it Kefi  -- it’s the passion, the magnetic charm and enthusiasm for life and love that every woman has. When you tap into and express your Diamond Power, you become positively irresistible.

During this session, you’ll fall in love with yourself through a variety of fun, transformational exercises … and:
  • Learn how to access the 7 Sexy Sparkling traits inherent to every woman
  • Discover the 4 things you MUST do to sparkle
  • Find out the 3 mistakes women make that bury their diamond

Module 2 – Assess, Access & Own Your Sensuality

When you understand where you are at and where you want to go you can build your bridge. Assessing your attributes and connecting with your raw feminine power will enable you to step into your own sensuality with confidence. Focusing on your positive attributes will help you feel more beautiful.

During this session you will tap into your feminine center empowering you to BE the woman you were born to be. You’ll learn to own your sensuality through juicy exercises, meditations…and:
  • How to turn your visual image into soft, sexy and feminine
  • A technique to connect to your raw feminine power within minutes
  • The #1 way to seduce

Module 3
-- Change Your Limiting Beliefs & Become a Sexy, Sparkling, Enchantress

Discover how limiting beliefs can create resistance and blocks to expressing your sensuality and playfulness. Awareness of where your beliefs come from is key. Removing these blocks with an effortless, successful process will help you free the vibrant, sexy, loving woman within.
During this session you will transform your thoughts with a set of simple, self-empowering techniques…and:
  • Discover the beliefs that block you from the love life you crave
  • Learn a technique to change your limiting beliefs into new beliefs that support the sensual, sparkling woman you want to be.
  • Create Womantra’s to maintain your new beliefs
Module 4 – Unleashing Your Playful Feminine Spirit

To live a life of pleasure you must know pleasure! Making fun and pleasure a priority is the first step. Once you give yourself permission to unleash your passionate, playful side buried within you will free yourself to live, laugh and love fully Self-expressed.  During this session you will learn to make every day a playful, pleasurable adventure with exercises...and:
  • How to connect with pleasure on a daily basis to improve the quality of your relationship
  • How to step out of your comfort zone, and mix things up
  • How to flirt with sass
  • How to create your own “night to remember” and get out of your romantic rut

Who Should Attend

“Discover How to Find & Own Your Playful, Sexy Self!,”  is designed for women of all ages, in committed relationships or single, who:
  • Have lost touch with their femininity
  • Want to be funny and playful … but have forgotten how (or maybe never learned)
  • Yearn to get in touch with and express their sensuality
  • Have spent too much time caring for their children and partners that they’ve lost touch with who they really are
  • Are re-entering the dating scene after the breakup of a marriage or long-term relationship
  • Are bored in their relationships and want to spice things up
  • Are tired of settling for ho-hum when they crave passion
During this powerful and fun teleseminar series, you’ll discover how to get your sparkle back … make yourself more sexy and interesting ... unleash your desires … make your fantasies AND his come true.

I'm Ready to Become A Delicious Diamond Diva!

Yana Velasco

"Tuning into that inner feminine part of me was magical..."

(1:09 minutes)
Jana Velasco, Glendale, CA

Certified Coach from Heartbreak to Happiness

What You'll Get

When you participate in “Discover How to Find & Own Your Playful, Sexy Self!” you’ll receive:

  • Weekly teleseminar coaching with topics to help you become a playful, feminine woman!
  • Weekly intentions to help you focus and attract what you want.
  • Weekly study/fun guides with action plans to help you implement the ideas and strategies you learn.
  • Recommended resources to help you expand your womanly assets!
  • A 20- page workbook with exercises to engage your sensuality
  • MP3 downloadable recordings of each call
  • Email access to me 24/7
  • And much, much more

But that's not all.

Sign up now and receive these 6 bonuses:

BONUS #1  A free one-on-one 60-minute private coaching session available up to 30 days after the last class ends. You and I will have a private conversation, during which we’ll design your personalized love plan. ($250 value)

BONUS #2  A free copy of How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe by image consultant, Lori Ann Robinson. (A $17 Value)

BONUS #3  Seduced by Strawberries, a 24-page e-book about the art of gourmet seduction, by Tera Warner, The Raw Food Diva. (A $17 Value)

BONUS #4  Special Guest Interview with sensuality expert Patty Contenta. She will reveal the secrets to seducing your lover without ever being noticed. (A $150 Value).

pecial Guest Interview – Tantra master will reveal how to bring blissful, soul level love connections to your relationship (A $150 Value).

That’s a total value of more than $781 in products, services and bonus gifts included with your registration. “Discover How to Find & Own Your Playful, Sexy Self!.” 

Because I want to make sure that anyone who is serious about reclaiming her feminine power and sparkle can access this powerful program.  I’m offering this at a mere $197 for the 4-week course.

What is your happiness worth to you? What is your relationship worth to you? What is love worth to you?

These things are priceless aren’t they? It’s impossible to put a value on happiness and love, isn’t it?

Yet because I want to give every woman the opportunity to discover the secret to getting a love life full of romance, passion and soul-to-soul connection I am offering this…

Early Bird Special - $97

Register by August 26th and save more than half the price AND get an extra Bonus - A complimentary one-on-one 60-minute private energy session  to help you release limiting thoughts and blocks around your sparkle and sensuality, (A $150 Value)

Hurry, the offer expires at midnight on August 26th.

Be honest. How much do you spend on dinner and drinks with your girlfriends complaining about your relationship? Is it over $200 a month?

Wouldn’t gushing about your “off the charts” romantic escapades be worth more than that? Not to mention the extra perk of how you’re suddenly feeling – like a sexy love goddess…

For just about $3 a day you can permanently shift your attitude and approach to love and life …isn’t that better than wasting your time and money on a latte and a bitch session with your gal pals?

Participating in “Discover How to Find & Own Your Playful, Sexy Self!,”  is a short-term investment that will produce long-term results. So sign up today – you deserve it; you’re worth it. You will be happy you did.

Best of all, it’s risk-free.

Diamond In The Rough Guarantee

I’ve discovered firsthand how powerful these strategies and techniques are … how quickly they can help you transform your love life into a passionate, nurturing relationship. That’s why I want you to listen to all 4 sessions. Take notes. Try the techniques for yourself.

If, at any time in the next 90 days, you don’t see that this course is exactly what you need to get on the path to polishing yourself to an absolute 24-carat, sparkling enchantress, just ask for your money back.

If you’re not happy…I’m not happy and will do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face, including refunding every penny you invested.

Yes I'm Ready to Get Sexy in Seconds

How Is This Tele-Play Shop Structured?

Do you believe there's got to be more to love and live?  Are you ready to experience a more empowered, playful, and sensual way of living?

Then commit to "You," do whatever it takes, and take action now!  Make the decision that you and your happily ever after are worth it...sign up now!

“Discover How to Find & Own Your Playful, Sexy Self!,”  will be held on:

Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2009    9 p.m. EDT / 8 p.m. CDT / 6 p.m. PDT
Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2009    9 p.m. EDT / 8 p.m. CDT / 6 p.m. PDT
Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2009    9 p.m. EDT / 8 p.m. CDT / 6 p.m. PDT
Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2009    9 p.m. EDT / 8 p.m. CDT / 6 p.m. PDT

These live and highly participatory calls will include 1 hour of fun lecture … plus up to 60 minutes of interactive exercises, Q & A and coaching.

Can’t be on all the calls? No worries – the sessions will be recorded. So you can add them to your Love Library and listen (and re-listen) at your convenience.

Jane Artz

"I was able to pull off the most amazing evening of my whole life...."

(1.18 minutes)
Marina Del Rey, CA

Carrie Konjoyan

"The Passion Plays made me feel sexy and sensual again..."

(1:04 minutes)
Carri Konjoyan
Encino, CA

Learning From Someone Who Has Been
 Where You Are Will Help You Transform
 Your Love Life Pronto!

Listen, I know how lonely, dull and disappointing relationships can become.
Be smart. Learn from me. Don’t live like brother and sister when you can live like Latin lovers.  Let me share the surefire success strategies I learned so you can turn yourself into an enticing enchantress … adding mystery and intrigue to your relationship.

Let me guide you to reclaim your Sparkle – your passionate, playful, happy and magnetic spirit. What are you waiting for?!

Once you have the step-by-step plan you need from someone who’s been there, you will clearly see what to do – and you’ll be empowered to unleash the sensual woman you were born to be.

The Secret to a Sparkling Life of
 Love and Passion!

Imagine falling in love with YOU! Imagine how you will feel when you get your sexy, sensational Self back. Can you see yourself Liberated? Confident? Empowered?

When you fall in love with YOU, the world is a fabulous place to be! You’re happy, you’re excited, you’re having fun, you’re giving and receiving love – basically, you’re living in abundance. Everything in your life is easier to handle…you stop taking things personally…no more dwelling on what’s wrong because everything is sparkling, bright, and right!
There’s no more waiting, no more disappointment, no more frustration and anger – when you love yourself you take your power back and you’re able to create the delicious, juicy love life of your dreams.

Are You Ready To Take Action?

Are you familiar with the 10/10/10 principle? It’s a great tool to help you make a decision. I invite you to use it now.

Where will you be 10 minutes from now if you don’t do something to reclaim your playful, feminine, sexy self?

How about 10 MONTHS from now?

What about 10 YEARS from now?

I don’t know about you – but the answers made me shudder!

Life is full throttle for everyone. If you don’t learn how to make yourself and your relationship a priority NOW, when will you? If you didn’t want more love, romance, and passion, you wouldn’t be reading these words right now. So book your place today!

So, let's recap what you will get:
  • Weekly teleseminar coaching with topics to help you become a playful, feminine woman!
  • Weekly intentions to help you focus and attract what you want.
  • Weekly study/fun guides with action plans to help you implement the ideas and strategies you learn.
  • Recommended resources to help you expand your womanly assets!
  • A 20- page workbook with exercises to engage your sensuality
  • Email access to me 24/7
  • And much, much more
Plus 5 bonus gifts worth $584 for a total value of $781 in products and services!

I Believe In You and I Know, Not Only Can You Do This, You Must Do This!!!

I support you 100% to make the choice to reclaim your playful, feminine spirit and create a sensual life of your design.

You deserve to SPARKLE!

Love & Freedom,


P.S.  Stop living your consolation life. Take action and click the purchase button now!

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