Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope this post finds you warm and cozy, surrounded by loved ones and the holiday spirit!

Here in the United States, we are celebrating Thanksgiving – a time to reflect on what we are grateful for…and YOU are at the top of my list – wow, do I appreciate you. Thank you for being part of and contributing to the Sparkle community – without you, it wouldn’t be the same – do you have any idea how much you inspire me every day?!

I’m also super grateful for my family. Earlier in the week, my sister and I drove up to my brother’s to celebrate the festivities with his family – which includes two of my nephews and their families! Yes, I am a great-auntie!!! And love it! Their sweet little faces melt my heart, and I am reminded how important it is to spend time with the people you love.

We started the day with a 5K fun run to feed the hungry – my nephews ran while we ladies walked and talked. It was an awesome start to our Turkey day. As we prepare the Thanksgiving Day Paleo Feast, I reflect on the people I am so blessed to be surrounded by – and that includes wonderful, amazing YOU.

On behalf of everyone here at Unleash Your Sparkle, we appreciate you! We hope that you and your family, wherever you are in the world, have a fabulously happy day full of gratitude, abundance, and love.

With gratitude for you and big blessings,

and the Sparkle Team 💖

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Where do you stand on the self-love scale?

Have you ever gotten reactive and then obsessed about what happened or the things you wished you hadn’t said? It’s probably safe to say that this has happened at least once to each of us, and it leaves us feeling stressed and crummy,

Now, imagine staying in a state of consistent peace, being Teflon to triggers, neutral to negativity, and non-attached to naysayers.

This can be possible when you tune into your heart’s inherent blueprint for love, joy, and happiness.

But what if you don’t know how to do that?

All you have to do is start renewing your relationship with yourself is practice more self-love.

Once you’re pouring more love into you, other people and situations won’t trigger you as much. AND – if you want a deeply connected, loving relationship with someone else, you’ll need to have a solid partnering with yourself first. So you want to be sure you’re good with yourself – that you love, honor, trust and respect yourself first and foremost.

So, where do you begin?

First, take this simple Self-Love Quiz to find out where you stand with yourself. Then, scroll down for some tips you can use to develop self-love.

The Self-Love Quiz

1. Which one are you?

A. Your biggest and brightest fan
B. Your own worst critic

2. Are you more likely to _______?

A. Applaud your accomplishments
B. Focus on what you didn’t get done and feel bad about yourself for it

3. What do you do when you are tired?

A. Stop to nurture yourself
B. Push yourself harder

4. Do you value yourself as much as you value your children or best friend?

A. Yes
B. No

If you answered more A’s than B’s, you know how to love yourself. Keep up the great work!

If you answered more B’s than A’s, you are not showing yourself the love and compassion that you deserve.

Here are some tips for developing self-love:

  1. Write yourself a love letter. I mean really gush all over you. Dig for diamonds. Get out your pick, put on your mining hard hat and start excavating. If this is hard for you, ask a friend or family member to share what they love most about you.
  2. Combat the critic. Ah yes, the stealth committee of your mind—always at your service to run you over the coals. When they show up in force simply say, “Thank you for sharing, but no thanks! I choose to nourish my mind with loving thoughts not bullying.”
  3. Speak your truth—at all times, no matter what. Even if you think the conversation will be hard, show up with honesty and come from love. This honors who you are as well as the recipient.
  4. Practice self-care. Listen to your body and take care of your needs! Eat when you are hungry, sleep when you’re tired, get a massage, exercise, indulge in a mani-pedi, and kick destructive habits like alcohol, drugs, and food abuse. You may need a village to help you and that’s ok. Don’t be afraid to reach out.
  5. Accept yourself—no matter what your race, color, height, or gender, just accept the facts. You cannot change these things. Choose to celebrate everything you are instead of pining for what you are not.
  6. Find evidence that supports how wonderful you are.

Ultimately when you fall in love with you, your world will too:))

Fortunately returning to love is easy when you realize that love is and always has been within you all the time. This is your Diamond Power – God’s Divine love. Connect with it now!

Sparkling Love,

Finding Forgiveness

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”

-Lewis B. Smedes

Did you know that forgiveness goes hand-in-hand with self-love?

I remember the first time I heard all forgiveness is self-forgiveness and I didn’t quite get it but as I did my own forgiveness work it became clear. When something horrible happens to us we get angry at the person we feel is responsible for our pain. But the truth is most of the time we are even angrier at ourselves (although most likely not on a conscious level) for letting it happen, not standing up for ourselves, not setting boundaries, not speaking our truth, not believing we are worthy, etc.

When we forgive ourselves we start to soften and begin letting go of the anger and resentment that is literally blocking our heart from the very thing we want – love!

As we forgive and shift the constricted energy around our heart center, we allow love to come in. The anger and resentment, the pain, the defensiveness; all those tough emotions block love from coming in and keep us separate from the people who want to love us.

Forgiving allows you to experience more love, joy, and freedom in your life. By releasing the past, you can have gratitude for what’s going on right now, in the present moment.

But I know forgiveness is not always easy. You cannot truly forgive yourself and others if you don’t feel, deeply and truly, that you deserve the freedom that comes with forgiveness.

I personally understand just how hard it can be.

When I released a huge piece of pent-up resentment and hurt around my dad that had been wallowing somewhere inside me for years. It was tough. And over the years, at times I had truly believed that I’d released it only to find that it was still there. Fortunately, I was able to finally let it go for good.

And believe me… it is incredibly powerful to let it go! It’s such a freeing feeling, which underlines an important point: the practice of forgiveness doesn’t mean you’re “letting someone off the hook” or “excusing poor behavior.” Not at all!

Many of us unconsciously hold the belief that our anger protects us – if we forgive someone, we might be susceptible to allowing that person back in our lives. We might secretly fear that we’ll fall in love with him again or put ourselves into an unhealthy or undesirable situation.

Understandably, that belief creates a barrier to forgiveness. But the reality is that when you forgive someone, you’re just dissolving the negative emotional bond to the person or incident. You’re simply releasing yourself from the prison of fear, resentment, and defensiveness.

If you’re ready to shift forward into a paradigm of love, freedom, and forgiveness, I have just the right solution: The Soul Sparkle Retreat!

The theme of this virtual womens’ weekend is “Release | Rise-Up | Renew.”

Learn More

Sparkling Love,

Do you need some “YOU” time?

When was the last time you truly felt like YOU? The you that feels whole, happy, and confident. The you that not only knows who she is but is firmly anchored in that lovely space of emotional freedom. In the midst of our busy lives, we can get off balance, triggered, and go into a tailspin that leaves us feeling depleted and exhausted.

Sound familiar? So many of the women I talk to lately are telling me it’s been difficult to find “Me” time and even more challenging to find self-care time.

What about you? Are you letting yourself slip away as a priority?

If you know anything about me, you know a big part of my mission is to inspire women to take the time to create a little relaxation and have more fun. At the Soul Sparkle Virtual Retreat, we do just that.

Throughout this rejuvenating weekend retreat, you will open, release, reconnect, and revive your vibrancy and sparkling authentic essence.

You’ll set empowering intentions, find clarity, and commit to and embody your dreams in a loving space with other women just like you; successful in so many areas of their lives but still feeling as though something is missing.

If you feel like you don’t have time for yourself, I’ll teach you how to balance your busy schedule, so there’s always time in the day for YOU.

If you feel like you want to open your heart, but you’re scared to get hurt again, we’ll help you do this in a gentle, loving way.

If you feel like you’ve been living for everyone else and have lost yourself, we’ll help you increase your confidence and tap into your authentic, empowered, lit-up from the inside Self!

The 2021 VIRTUAL Soul Sparkle Retreat will transform your life by providing you with the tools and support you need to make REAL CHANGE. You will leave this soul-enriching adventure feeling like a new woman, healed and empowered, with a practical plan of action for bringing more love and joy into your daily life.

When’s the last time you felt like you did something for yourself? Do you make time to have FUN in your life?

Click here to choose YOU and sign up for the Soul Sparkle Retreat.

Sparkling love,

PS – The Soul Sparkle Virtual Retreat will take place on November 12th – 14th. The weekend schedule and what’s included in the retreat can be found here.

3 Relationship Success Tips for a Long, Happy Marriage

Have you found yourself wondering, “What is the secret to a long, healthy marriage?”

In this interview, Carol shares the top 3 relationship success tips that she’s learned throughout her 33-years of marriage.

3 Relationship Success Tips for a Long, Happy Marriage:

1. Gratitude.

Carol attributes her relationship success in part to gratitude.

Every relationship has its issues; you can choose to get hung up on the little ways that your partner gets under your skin, or you can overlook the little inconveniences and focus instead on all the great things you are thankful for. When you find yourself getting annoyed with your partner, ask yourself, “Is getting upset over this going to help either of us? Does it matter in the big scheme of the relationship?” It’s a common problem in relationships to forget the greatness in one another. Expressing your gratitude for your partner can make a world of difference for both of you.

2. Think before you speak.

Another one of Carol’s relationship success tips is to stop and think before you say something. This pause is important because it allows you to think about how your thoughts will impact others if you tell them. You don’t have just to let things go, but when you do speak about a difficult subject, make sure you think about the other person as much as yourself.

3. Communication.

The third secret to Carol’s healthy marriage is communication. If you don’t speak from a place of love and gratitude, your ability to express yourself and solve problems will be limited. It’s also useful to remember that you’re not always going to get everything you want in any relationship. Embrace compromise even when your point of view differs from your partner’s.

A long and healthy marriage like Carol’s takes patience and love to be sustainable. Take these relationship success tips that Carol has shared and bring them into your relationship. A partnership built on love is truly a miracle.

Sparkling Love,


The Key to a Healthy Relationship 🗝

What is the number one key to a healthy and happy relationship?


Having patience and approaching problems with compassion and gentleness is crucial to being a loving partner.

If you think you can’t be any more patient than you already are, then this message is for you.

Last year, when I was moving, I rushed through my packing and did not pack as well as I could have. I grabbed all my necklaces and stuffed them into a bag. When the time came to unpack, I pulled out the necklaces to find a big tangled mess. I needed to gently and patiently work through all of those little knots and tangles with care.

The same goes for relationships. To sort through relationship complications, you need the same three characteristics: gentleness, care, and patience.

Developing patience will set you up for relationship success. Next time your relationship hits a snag, you can step back, slow down, and figure out how to move forward with love.

Sparkling Love,

3 Keys to Dealing with a Cheating Husband

Have you ever suffered a betrayal and felt like your whole world is falling apart?

Have you found yourself wondering, “what am I going to do now?”

I know how you feel. I’ve been there.

After my husband cheated, I missed out on years of happiness and balance because I didn’t know how to deal with betrayal.

Until I did…

When I figured out how to deal with betrayal, my life turned around for the better. I felt joy, peace, and courage again. I felt optimistic for my future, peace in my present, and was finally able to trust again.

These tools that helped me get through, have also helped the hundreds of women who I have worked with over the last ten years. Women just like you.

If you want to overcome stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights, watch this video! ⬇️

3 Keys to Dealing with a Cheating Husband:

1. Learn how to trust yourself again.

2. Increase your confidence as a woman.

3. Own your value.

Get My Free Sound Therapy

I have a proven tool for achieving all three of the above steps: Sound Therapy.

Sound therapy has been around for thousands of years. It was used by the ancients to promote overall mental, physical, and emotional health.

I created a sound healing journey for you that will help you release fear, calm your mind, and wash away anxiety.

To help you start your healing journey, I am gifting you this sound therapy for free. You can redeem your gift here.

Sparkling Love,

PS – If you want to take your healing to a deeper level, join the 5 Days to Surviving Betrayal Challenge. It’s never too late to join, upon joining you will have access to all previous videos.

How to Heal from Infidelity in 3 Steps

The unthinkable has happened… You discovered that your life partner has been unfaithful.

Your heart is broken, confidence shattered, trust broken, and it feels like your life has fallen apart.

That is exactly how I felt when my husband cheated on me.

When relationships crumble, you can feel as though your entire life has been shattered.

Although it can seem like you’ll never get over it; healing from infidelity is possible. And when you do heal, you will find yourself on the other side, better than you could ever imagine.

Watch the video below and learn three things you can do to put yourself on the path to feeling better.

***If you know you need additional support to get through this tough time I’ve put together something special and empowering for you – my
FREE 5-day Challenge: Surviving Betrayal.

You’ll be given the proven, success tools and strategies I used to release fear and stress and gain clarity, peace, and calm. And I am going to share them with everyone who joins my challenge.

3 Steps to Heal from Infidelity:

1. Journaling – With journaling, you can write down any thought or feeling without the fear of being criticized. You can share your deepest darkest secrets. The beautiful thing about a journal is that it will always be loving and accepting. Often, people will write down something that has been bothering them, and by the time they’re done writing, it’s unraveled into the root cause of what’s troubling them. Another option is to get colored pencils, pens, or crayons and draw a picture. Let the picture express whatever it is you’re feeling.

2. Exercise – Moving your body and getting fresh oxygen will help lift your spirits and give you confidence. Marriage failures can affect both your body and mind. Exercise will give you a glow in your complexion and make you feel energized. It will also give you momentum.

3. Develop a relationship with the power that is breathing in you. – This will help you to know that you’re not alone. All you have to do is ask for support and know that you have a power within that is greater than yourself. You don’t have to let marriage failures stop you from living your life. By connecting to divine love and taking steps to move forward, you can start healing from infidelity and come out the other side a stronger person.

I have no doubt that you can and will overcome the pain of betrayal and find strength, confidence, and peace.

Remember, if you are feeling lost, stuck, and confused and want more help, join my FREE 5-day Challenge: Surviving Betrayal.

Sparkling Love,
PS – Do you know someone who could benefit from these tools for healing after betrayal? Please pass this message along to them. By simply forwarding this email or sharing the challenge link, you can help them embark on their journey to healing and thriving.

5 Steps Toward A More Loving Existence 💗

Is there someone in your life who has wronged you and you just can’t let it go? Is it weighing you down?

If you can relate, believe me, you are not alone!!! Resentment is such a common culprit for many of my clients – stirring up negative feelings and emotions, such as anger, as we re-live and dwell on past injuries.

When we carry around this baggage, it drains us of our energy and attention and ability to form those deeply loving bonds we crave.

Do you want to know the solution?

It may not be what you want to hear, but I guarantee it will help you feel more peaceful and whole.

Here it is…forgiveness…that’s the answer. Learning how to forgive is not only good for other people; it’s good for your soul too. When you forgive, you allow yourself the opportunity to cultivate compassion, which enables you to transform your toxic thoughts into a state of love. By being more compassionate toward others, you will feel lighter, happier, and more full of life.

Forgiveness isn’t about letting the other person off the hook; it’s not saying that whatever they did to you is okay. It’s about detaching emotionally from what happened.

When someone wrongs you, it creates resentment and anger inside. And when you’re unable to learn how to forgive, it has a tremendous effect on your health.
While there’s a pandemic going on outside your body, there’s a health crisis inside of you as well. This inner crisis results from toxic thoughts and emotions. You can avert the crisis by shifting your perspective. By allowing negative emotions to soften, you can make way for compassion. In this state, you’ll feel amazing.

In the video below you will learn a 5 step process to cultivate compassion. When you understand how to forgive, you unlock a whole new way of being and are able to live a life that is grounded in love. Are you in? Let’s get started!!!

5 Things You Can Do to Cultivate Compassion:

1. Write out what is upsetting you. Let yourself feel the full force of whatever it is you’re experiencing

2. Ask yourself what you’re gaining by holding onto that emotion.

3. Ask yourself who you would be without that emotion.

4. Take action.

5. Imagine the other person as the light that they are.

When you learn how to forgive, you unlock a whole new way of being. Start to cultivate compassion in yourself, and you’ll be able to live a life of love.

Sparkling Love,

PS – Did you miss last week’s article? You can read it here.

Find the Answers to Tough Situations in Your Life.

Are you facing a tough situation in your life?

Do you sense the need to make a major decision?

How do you feel about this decision? Are you clear about it? Or are you a bit muddy?

Maybe the people around you, although well-meaning, are trying to tell you what to do and that’s making you feel all the more confused and stuck.

If you have a question that is weighing heavy on your heart you’ll want to watch this video. It will give you an amazing and clear-cut way to find the answers to those tough questions and situations.

You’ll learn a powerful step-by-step process showing you how to tap into your heart to get unstuck and move forward. The last step of this process will give you the exact question to ask to get clear.


Sparkling Love,

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