Are You Chasing Shadow Freedom?

Do you want to feel significant, important, honored, and seen? Do you want to be noticed and praised? Do you want to feel like you matter, like your life matters? Of course, you do, we all do!!

These are often the desires that lead us to chase freedom.

The problem is that many of us are chasing shadow freedom, not true freedom.

You might be asking, what the heck is shadow freedom? Well, just as any object projects a shadow in its likeness, freedom also has a shadow. What you need to know though, is that shadow freedom takes the shape of freedom, but there is no actual freedom there.

Shadow freedom pursues freedom at the expense of others.

It fuels the “dog eat dog world,” where people are more competitive than collaborative, more self-consumed than other-oriented.

All of our efforts to fill ourselves up, leave us empty and void shells of humanity.

The shadow freedom is an obstacle to true freedom.

True freedom comes when you are connected to your Light, to the All That Is/ Divine love, or what I call your Diamond Power. Your Diamond Power is your source of strength, confidence, and courage. This is where you have true freedom.

When you connect with true freedom, you will find yourself less concerned with your own interests and more concerned with the interests of others. You will feel so full of love and light that you will pour out your love and light onto others. The irony and the greatest gift of living this way? As you empty yourself in the service of all living creatures, God will continue to fill you up with more glory than you could ever imagine.

When we try to fill ourselves up on our own, we end up enslaved by shadow freedom, empty and void. When we cultivate a relationship with God and look to the infinite power to fill us up, we are filled with more glory, love, and light than we could ever imagine, overflowing to the benefit of all those around us.

True freedom exists when we are connected to our Diamond Power.

Are you ready to feel strong, confident, and courageous? Are you ready to be full of love and light?

I have a free gift to get you on your way to living a life connected to your Diamond Power:

Diamond Power Meditation

My Proven Method To Find Peace And Emotional Freedom

  • relieve anxiety and stress
  • decrease depression and sadness
  • increase confidence and self-esteem
  • find your strength
  • release toxic thoughts
  • improve focus
  • connect with your inner power
Stop enslaving yourself to the shadow freedom and open yourself up to receive all the goodness in this world.

Sparkling Love,
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Are you betraying yourself?

Is your soul calling you to do something that you’re putting off? Do you feel overwhelmed and find yourself running out of time to do the things YOU would like to do? Is there something else important to you that is getting in the way? Do you feel guilty chasing after it because other people are depending on you?

This is so common, especially for women. (watch the short 3 minute video below to find out how to overcome these obstacles)
When my soul called me to write my book, I was the primary caregiver for my parents. It was important to me to be there for my parents and take care of them, which often left me with no time to write my book. Eventually, I had to make a tough choice: prioritize my book by figuring out a way to set aside some time each week to work on it. I discovered, and so will you…If there’s a will there is a way!

When we neglect deeply meaningful things that our soul is calling us to do, we are betraying ourselves.

How can you free yourself from this pattern of betrayal?

First off, you must get comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

Make the commitment that you are going to figure out how to make it happen. 

Believe that it will all work out, and know that, in some way, there will be growth in your choice for everyone.

Sparkling Love,

PS – Follow my youtube channel, Diamond Power TV, for weekly inspiration and tips on loving yourself and connecting to your diamond power. 

PPS – Are you wondering what Diamond Power is? Check out this article.

Relationship Advice: Dear Sparkle….

It was suggested that I start a weekly column for my readers
a short while ago and I instantly fell in love with the idea. It’s something
I’ve always wanted to do and my blog seems the perfect forum to answer all of
your burning relationship questions.

So every week I will take one of my subscriber questions and
give my best success strategies on how to resolve your issue. Let’s get started

Dear Sparkle,

Taking things slow is the biggest challenge I face
right now with my love life – any suggestions?

Ready For Love

we’ve met the one we think is “the one,” we want things to go at lightning
speed, we want to be together every spare second and uplevel quickly. If you’re
engaged after a month you definitely want to slow it down and if it isn’t
moving as fast as you would like it to, trust me, that could be a good thing,
depending on how long you’ve been together..

Not knowing how long you’ve been in your relationship puts
me at a bit of a disadvantage- but if it’s less than two years be thankful it’s
going slowly. Why the 2- year benchmark? Because, it takes a good 2-years for
the masks to drop and the shadows to begin to show.

The first year everyone is having a party – it’s so great to
be in la la Loveland isn’t it? The pheramones (what makes you crazy for each
other) are at peak production, your diet is each other, and you make all sorts
of torrid promises while under the spell of this lusty love. But think about