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Sherri Nickols is an award-winning author, international teacher/speaker, and women’s empowerment coach. Trained in transformational healing, identity shifting, Chakra Sound Tuning Fork Therapy, and PSYCH-K she is passionate about helping women get unstuck, increase their confidence and happines, and create deeply loving relationships.

She teaches women how to successfully balance their masculine and feminine energies and radiate their sparkling diamond essence. Through her work as a coach and teacher over the past decade, Sherri has guided thousands of women around the world to open their hearts to create healthy, loving relationships with not only everyone in their life, but most significantly, themselves.

She has been a guest on CBS KCAL9, Good Morning San Diego, View From the Bay and San Diego Living. Her book, Sexy and Sparkling After 40, introduced her 7-step SPARKLE system which is now a successful coaching program.

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Sherri Nickols

Sherri Nickols
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