This one thing will make 2021 yours!

Just about time to say sayonara to 2020! I think we can all agree this year, like no other, brought many changes. Opportunities for shifts in our relationships, careers, behavior, health and interactions with each other in our societal structures.

The term “20/20” has been known to symbolize perfect vision and although it may not seem like it’s been a year of perfect vision, it’s definitely been a course correction… seemingly a wake up call on so many levels to get us  a Truer vision. 

Hopefully you can now step into the New Year more connected to what’s true for you, for others and the planet.

There’s been a lot of living outside your comfort zone this year and one thing I know for sure is that if you really want to see meaningful change in 2021, you’ll want to continue cleaning and cleansing those things that you mistakenly believe are keeping you safe, but are actually holding you back. Three things in particular that I’ll guide you to release later in this article… do yourself a favor and LET THEM GO!!! This will not only build your confidence it will bring happiness.

A few years back I remember seeing Dianne Feinstein and a bevy of other iconic females being interviewed and they all said the key to  a happy and fulfilling life involves taking risks, releasing what doesn’t work, clearing your space and stepping our of your safety zone.

According to these empowered women, that’s when life becomes magical and you are truly living into your genius and greatness.

As inspiring as that sounds you may be saying to yourself, “That seems kinda scary. Uncertainty worries me… I’m a bit co-dependent and I like being in control…” but if this year has taught us anything it’s that we don’t have control over others or outside circumstances. We do, however, have control over how we respond to others and our circumstances – that’s our point of power and empowerment! And it requires a clean out!

In the spirit of this theme I say stop looking in the rear view mirror baby!!! Trust that God has something so amazing for you, waiting for you, it will blow your mind. But you’ve got to do some cleaning and take the leap!

Clinging to what you know may feel safe, but it will suck your spirit dry! You’ll be parched, wilted, lifeless, dreamless with about as much energy as a sloth on a hot summer day. There’s no room for expansion and expansion is what makes you FEEL ALIVE!! It’s time to follow your dreams and drink deeply form the well of the unknown.

Now you might be thinking, “How does one do that?” Truth be told all it takes is an intention to make 2021 the year you live fully, a willingness to be open to a new opportunities, new ways of thinking, new experiences, and a commitment to bring forth consistent courage.

This means reflecting, identifying and overcoming those things that not only keep you in your rut but didn’t work out in 2020. Then coming up with new behaviors and structures that are in alignment with who you want to become; the you that embraces life and all its opportunities; the you that is determined to look back at your life with no regrets.

Here’s a exercise to get you started. Go ahead and grab 3 pieces of paper and a pen and begin writing:

1. Page #1 – write down all the relationships you either want to release and/or set new boundaries. Set the intention you only want to have joyful and happy relationships. Send love to those you are releasing and then burn the list in a safe place like your fireplace.
2. Page #2 – write down all the physical stuff you don’t want to bring into 2020 – items that take up space and keep you attached to the past. Next take action to clear it out. That may mean pictures that remind you of relationships that went south, clothing that no longer fits or makes you feel good, paperwork and clutter! Move it out and move it forward beautiful!
3. Page #3 – list the emotional things or habits/patterns you don’t want to bring into 2021 – this can be old limiting patterns that don’t serve you anymore or emotional habits like guilt, shame, blame, avoidance, anger, sadness. It might be obligations, or unhealthy habits. I personally am choosing to release a pattern of playing it safe, of being judged – in the New Year I want to be more vulnerable and reach/impact more people! I’m committed to sharing more of my life experiences to inspire others. What emotions or patterns are you willing to release?

Doing this clearing and cleansing exercise will make you feel lighter, clear and more confident. As you feel more confident you’ll be more willing to take risks. Voila! You are now living into your potential…

Here’s to you living on the edge of your comfort zone to experience your greatest and most magnificent Self!! Toasting you and your courage!!!

Sparkling Love,


With faith, miracles will happen

Would you love to see a miracle in your life? Maybe in your love life…or career…or health…or your finances…?

If this is speaking to you know, without a shadow of a doubt — it’s possible!!! All you have to do is believe…

Today I’m bringing you a powerful conversation I had with Gen Stoney, an incredibly strong, brave woman who overcame being a victim of sexual trauma and an addiction to alcohol.

Growing up, Gen struggled with learning, and that led to self-hatred. And drinking allowed her to escape the chatter in her brain like nothing else.

Drinking allowed her to feel like she could be herself. But it came at a price. The drinking led her to the strip club, which is where she had her first sexual trauma. After a second rape, she told herself that she was going to prevent something like that from ever happening again.

But rather than embrace self-love, she drank more. She had to get over trauma in her life, but she didn’t know how. After ending up in a psych ward for attempted suicide, she hit rock bottom. But what really helped her was that she met a man who she didn’t want to drink around. It was incredibly hard to avoid drinking, but she was determined, and wanted to stop.

Eventually they got married. However, things didn’t get easy after that. He started having an affair, and Gen was crushed. That was when the miracle happened…


Sparkling Love,

Did you know that this was so magical?

The magic of music…

Music can take us from sad to sensual to happy and feeling vibrantly ALIVE!! Soft jazz or blues can help us wind down after a stressful day and you probably have a favorite song that immediately lifts your spirits and makes you smile!

So, it may be no surprise to learn that music has big-time physiological benefits.
When we hear music that makes us want to dance, our brains release dopamine, and we start to feel a natural high.

But did you know that music has the power to heal?

You can heal your body and mind with Sound Baths — the vibrational waves can wash away stress and anxiety.
Sound bath healing has been around for thousands of years…used by the Greeks, Egyptians, and Native Americans as an ancient form of deep meditation. Through crystal bowls, cymbals, gongs and tuning forks ambient repetitive sounds at different frequencies help enhance and guide you through your meditative experience.

This is what sound baths will do for YOU:
• Calm your body and mind.
• Can help reduce stress and anxiety.
• Can help Increase focus and clarity.
• Boosts your mood
• Improves sleep.
• Elevates feelings of spiritual and emotional well-being.

I want to invite you to experience an amazing Sound Bath for yourself!

Join me November 6th through the 8th for a virtual girls weekend to experience a Sound Bath Healing plus more!

On the first day, you will be guided by someone I’ve hand-picked to take you through an activation of your Diamond Self, which will be a deep hypnotic visualization followed by a powerful Sound Bath. This is an epic journey inward that will open you in ways you can’t imagine preparing you to release all that no longer serves you.

You do NOT want to miss it!!

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This virtual Soul Sparkle Retreat will be a spiritual self-love adventure!
Here are some nourishing experiences created and waiting for you:

  • Radiant Stretch and Gentle Yoga to open and awaken the body.
    Shamanic Fire Releasing Ceremony and Intention Setting Ceremony (with Candles) to let go of what no longer serves you (including any thoughts, fears, anxieties about COVID and the political climate)
    Dare to be Desirable masterclass to awaken your feminine essence learning body language techniques that create an inviting allure
    The Singing Field sacred experience exploring the incredible wisdom and authenticity of our ‘naked’ voice.
    Holy Love teachings by yours truly

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I look forward to seeing YOU in this radiant retreat!

Sparkling Love,

Use These Quantum Healing Techniques For Energy

It is natural to try to ignore our inner voice especially when it comes to our health. However, your inner voice acts as a powerful GPS to guide the decisions you make—whether that’s following the internal nudges to ditch your job or just knowing when you need more sleep in your life. Ignoring it can be detrimental to your health.

By listening to your inner voice and using quantum healing techniques, you may be able to reverse decades of pain and discomfort that is making your life difficult.

Kavita suffered from headaches from the time she was 20. She explains that at that time, she had a boyfriend who was not Indian, which upset her traditional Indian parents. As a result of this rift, she developed sinus infections and a part of her body seemingly just shut down. Those negative emotions remained stuck inside her for years, causing problems in her body.

In this interview with Kavita, she shares the miracle that allowed her to start healing trauma through meditation. She listened to her inner voice and used quantum healing techniques to reverse decades of pain that was stopping her from moving forward in her life.

Healing trauma from your past can be a lifelong challenge. However, with quantum healing techniques and the wisdom of her own body, Kavita was able to experience a transformational miracle.

Click the link to watch the video and find out how Kavita was finally able to relieve herself from the pain in her life.

Sparkling Love,

She Went From Orphanage To Millionaire

There is a quote by Robert Schuller that says, “Tough times never last, but tough people do”.

Maybe you have had a tough time and you feel that finding success is a secret that everyone else knows about but you.

Best-selling author Magie Cook has a secret to success. She has lived an extraordinary life. From humble beginnings growing up in an Orphanage and fighting adversity inside her own adopted family to millionaire business woman after she was presented the opportunity to sell her salsa in Walmart Stores.

She is living proof that it doesn’t matter where you come from — you can do anything that you set your mind to.

How did she do it?

In my interview with Magie, she shares with us the secret of how she got her salsa in Walmart Stores, and she gives us her 3 R’s of highly successful people.

You don’t want to miss this one!

Sparkling Love,

Learn to respond, not react

“We are always at choice at how we want to look at everything. What we call little, what we call big, and I use that constantly in my life to change my perception of things… to change how I’m looking at it. Which changes how I’m thinking and feeling about it. Which changes everything.”

No matter what you are going through, and we are ALL going through something, it comes down to choice. You have a choice in responding or reacting.
Reacting is natural and automatic in humans. Responding takes awareness of your own thinking and choice in how you want to show up. It also takes practice.

Reacting can create negative emotions like anger which might lead to fighting or despair. On the other hand when you thoughtfully respond to a situation, you are aligned with your inner diamond power giving you wisdom and the strength to move forward.

In my interview with Cyn, she talks about how her biggest fear came true, how she turned it around by the choices that she made in her life and what the real MIRACLE was in her tragedy.  

Sparkling Love,

Your Focus Is Killing Your Dreams

Have you ever heard the saying “Where focus goes, energy flows” ? (Tony Robbins)
It means that you are putting energy into your focus, whether it is supportive or unsupportive, whether intentional or unintentional.

Many of us focus on the bad and don’t even realize it.

In my interview with Stacey, she tells a story about a time in her life when she was successful in nearly every aspect, then felt the desire to transition into motherhood. She talks about being very “excited about the possibility of having a family and what that next chapter was going to look like” for she and her husband.

They began to dream about family vacations and Christmas day — preparing themselves for the years to come.

They quickly began to realize that they had a problem. Then the problem became a struggle.

Stacey and her husband realized what they had to do first before everything would fall into place, and they could achieve their dream of having a family.

It turned out to be a true miracle.

Watch the video below to discover Stacey’s miracle and how you can apply it to your life too!

Sparkling Love,

Carol’s Miracle

Hi Lovely ,

In this interview with Carol, we discuss her secrets to a long, healthy marriage and other relationship success tips that she’s learned along the way. You see, Carol just celebrated her 33-year anniversary with her husband Steve.

The number one thing that has allowed her to be successful is gratitude. You can choose to get hung up on the small little things that your partner does, but is it going to help either of you? Does it matter in the big scheme of the relationship?

It’s a common problem in relationships to forget the greatness in one another. Another one of Carol’s relationship success tips is to stop and think before you say something. This pause is important because it allows you to think about how your thoughts are going to impact others if you say them.

You don’t have to just let things go, but when you do speak about a difficult subject, make sure you think about the other person as much as yourself. The third secret to Carol’s healthy marriage is communication. As mentioned before, if you don’t speak from a place of love and gratitude, then your ability to express yourself and solve problems will be limited.

It’s also useful to remember that in any relationship, you’re not always going to get everything you want. Embrace compromise even when your point of view differs from your partner’s. A long and healthy marriage like Carol’s takes patience and love in order to be sustainable. Take these relationship success tips that Carol has shared, and bring them into your own relationship. A partnership built on love is truly a miracle.


Sparkling Love,

Missing a “normal” summer? This video will help.

How’s your summer going? Can you believe we are already well into August? Seriously where does the time go?!!
If you are like so many people who had to cancel vacations or fun family/friend outings this summer I am deeply sorry. So much is different and yet, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing – it can actually be good. There are definitely silver linings if we choose to look for them…

Turning 60 this year didn’t just put me into a new decade, it reminded me of the many experiences I’ve had that have thankfully given me a little wisdom along the way. And what I’ve come to know over the years, is that no matter the circumstances, curveballs, or disappointing situations we can overcome it all with one very potent core belief.

This belief will bring balance, happiness, and a lightness of Being.


Click To Watch the video below – I can’t wait to share it with you!!!

Sparkling Love,

Is Quarantine Feeling Like A Pressure Cooker?

If you’ve been quarantined with your honey and it’s felt more like being trapped in a pressure cooker than diving into a decadent dessert you are not alone! I’m hearing it from so many women – they are feeling very tested during this time.

The good news is you can build skills to evolve your rocky relationship without too much effort. One of my clients, Patty, tried one thing in particular that she didn’t think she would ever be able to do (because her husband’s affair left her full of anger and frustration)…but she did it and last week told me it changed everything! You see she really did want her marriage to heal but she was having a hard time getting past things.

Sound familiar? This can work for you too!!

You too can learn the powerful principle that she chose to use with her husband (that made all the difference) in the video below. Watch till the end for an added tip that tells you how to develop this principle in the moment. Super simple!!

Sparkling Love,