Guided Meditation to Get Your “Sparkle” On!

It’s not only a new year, it’s a new decade, new moon, and a new opportunity to get your “Sparkle” on!!

Have you mapped out your sassy intentions for the year? Isn’t it time to make those BIG dreams a reality girlfriend? One thing that keeps hitting me smack dab in the kisser is that THIS IS NOT A DRESS REHEARSAL – THIS IS IT!!!!!! Times a wasting if we aren’t moving in the direction of our best life.

SO, If you want BIG changes you will need to have a BIG vision and a solid Plan of Action…I myself have committed to bringing all that I’ve had on the back burner to the forefront of my life in 2010 – but I needed inspiration…so I went to a fabulous visioning workshop last week facilitated by my good friend Mat Boggs. It was so incredible I got his blessing to share it with you…so you too can be inspired.

Listen to this guided meditation and allow your mind to run free – conjuring up the juiciest possibilities imaginable in the following important areas:

  • career
  • relationship
  • health
  • prosperity
  • spirituality

Make sure you have a journal, pen and open mind when listening so you can create like crazy!!!



TelePlayshop – Discover How to Find & Own Your Playful, Sexy Self!


Starts October 22,2012! Transform your love life in 30 days!!!

Ever wonder…

•  where that playful, sparkling, sexy woman went?
•  when your life got so routine?
•  when you lost your Self?
•  where the joy went?
•  what happened to the PASSION?

Relax, you are not alone. In fact, you are one of the millions of women who ask themselves these questions everyday!

Has your love life disintegrated into resentment and loneliness that leaves you thinking, “Is this it?”

It’s time to get honest…does your relationship suffer from any of these telltale signs of romantic rut?

•  Saturday night means staying in and watching a movie, for the third time, and ordering Chinese take-out…
•  You once waited for his calls with breathless anticipation…you now let them go to voice mail…
•  Your sex life is passionless or nonexistent- you might as well be room mates
•  You used to joyfully shave your legs every day…now it’s just another chore…
•  The last meaningful conversation you had was about the kids or work…
•  You wonder why he doesn’t bring you flowers anymore or surprise you with little gifts of love…
•  You keep waiting for your man to turn into Don Juan – only to experience chronic disappointment

If you recognize one or more of these common warning signs, your love life has probably become a snooze fest.

The good news is that you don’t have to settle for a lack luster love life… you can easily turn it around in just 30 days.

It’s time to rock your relationship with a new, fabulous, fun and seductive attitude. And when you do you will:

•  Have your man begging for more…
•  Feel alive and vibrant and free
•  Get your sensual, sensational Self back
•  Have the juicy love life of your dream
•  Have the passionate soul-to-soul connectionyou deserve

If you want to get the “Sparkle” back in your relationship and glide thru life as the charmed enchantress you were born to be, come PLAY WITH ME…

Discover How to Find & Own Your Playful, Sparkling, Sexy Self! Is a 4-week TelePlayshop starting  October 22nd All you need is
a telephone – you don’t have to go anywhere.


Relationship Advice: Get Your Sparkle On!

Ever wonder where that playful, carefree, adventurous, spontaneous, sexy woman went? Or ask yourself, “When did my life get so routine? When did I lose myself? Where did the joy go, where did the PASSION go?”

You are not alone. You are one of the millions of women who ask themselves these questions everyday.

Chances are your love life isn’t as delicious as it used to be either – would you say it’s boring, dull or non-existent? The secret to revving up your relationship and getting a love life full of romance, passion and soul-to-soul connection is YOU! So instead of leaving your romance fate up to “him”  why not learn how to connect to your gorgeous Goddess Self and create the mind blowing, rock solid love life of your dreams?

Hel-looo Girlfriend and welcome to Unleash YourSelf, a blog dedicated to helping women
get their “sparkle” on – which means unearthing and owning the diamond in you,
falling madly in love with yourself, feeling sexy at any age, learning how to
laugh and love with total freedom so you can transform your love life!

It’s for all you super successful women who have conquered
the corporate world, but your personal world is less than luscious. You’ve lost your Self along the way and
have forgotten how to be playful, how to have fun, how to express your
creative, passionate voice and blend romantic adventure into your relationship.

Unleash YourSelf is also for you “Super Mom’s” – off to the
races from the moment your feet hit the ground in the morning – doing, doing,
doing – for everyone but yourself. Consumed with guilt when you do take time
for yourself. You’re out of touch with both your fabulous factor and your sexy
Self. Like the career gals you too
suffer from losing that spontaneous, adventurous, fun-loving woman and know
it’s time to get her back!

So, let’s talk about how you’re going to get her back. It’s
actually very simple and revolves around a


#1 Tip for a Successful Relationship

After interviewing Mishael Patton, author of Love Heals Hearts, about what it takes to make a relationship juicy, delicious and rock solid the answer was pretty darn clear. It’s simple, but not always easy. It involves respect, neutrality, patience, open mindedness and an open heart – are you ready? The #1 tip for a fabu partnership is communication! And she should know after 18 years of wedded bliss.

And I can just hear you now – nodding your head and saying, yes I know that, tell me something new. But I think that’s the red herring in the ointment – looking for some magical concept as a quick fix. The reality is if we speak from our heart, consider the other person, give up blaming and shaming, honor and respect our man, own our issues that may be interfering with the smooth sailing of the relationship we have a shot at a very fulfilling, win-win, mature coupling.

But, if you are not a good communicator it will take a bit of effort initially till you build the muscle and make it a habit…albeit the most rewarding work you will do if you crave a connected, intimate relationship. It means being in the mindset of giving rather than getting, approaching things as “we” rather than “me” – letting go of the need to be right, and saying sayonara to the power struggle.

It’s my experience coming from your heart is the key – it’s a small shift with HUGE rewards – when you let your guy know where you are coming from, the feeling that’s tied into it – when he FEELS you, he will want to join you…it really is that simple…so be brave, be positive, step up to the plate and take the love lead…go on, give it a have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!!!

Egyptian Emotional Clearing Ritual

Are you ready
to let go and release what no longer serves you?

Join me on Sunday, December 13th from 1:30-4pm PST

@  Yoga Yoga 24421 Walnut Street,
Newhall, CA 91321

I will be leading a workshop dedicated to recreating and performing
an ancient healing ceremony, passed down from the temple of Isis, an Egyptian
high priestess known as the goddess of magic and alchemy – dating back to 4500 B.C.

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to:

Create change with intention

Let go of unwanted stress and anxiety

Clear your emotional, physical, and psychic

During the actual clearing process you will be in a relaxed
meditative state, fully clothed, and anointed with each of the sacred oils over
a two-hour period. My intention is to help you create the space to release old
emotions and replace them with feelings of emotional security, peace and

Young Living’s Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Uplifting * Protective * Calming * Regenerating

Often referred to as “nature’s living energy” or the very
essence of a plant. Today, research shows that when used aromatically, applied
topically, or taken internally, essential oils have the ability to calm,
balance, energize, purify, and rejuvenate the mind and body

Cost: $35 in advance or $40
at the door. Register @ 661-222-7777

Instructor Sherri Nickols is a Reiki Master, PSYCH-K
facilitator and Transformation Coach who integrates the use of pure essential
oils and hands-on therapy to bring profound shifts within the mind, body, and

*** Please bring an intention, your journal and a pillow for
this ritual.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Last week-end, while at a Barbara DeAngelis Goddess retreat I
was sitting around a breakfast 
table with some of my sister Goddess’s – all very
empowered women. The topic of intuition came up – how do you know when and what to listen to?

We were all a bit 
confused about how to distinguish
 an an
 ego driven idea ( trick) or an authentic intuitive nudge (treat). 

We all looked to
our beautiful soul sister for 
the answer – Joan Marie Whelan,
known Intuitive Specialist.  As she began to 
share her
wisdom I saw all eyes around
 the table light up with understanding…and I 
thought, my
Sparkling Goddess’s NEED this information!!!

Every woman needs this info to make smart decisions
based in your heart,
NOT in your head!

 To know when your truth is trying to
 heard and when your ego mind is trying to
Trick you-taking you down the
wrong path!!!!

So I invited Joan Marie to share her wisdom with all of you and today @
10 am PST

 I will have the pleasure of interviewing my good friend and Intuitive extraordinaire – in fact she is known as the Intuition Girl!

She has promised to give you tips on:

•the difference between intuition and ego

•how to
open up and expand your intuition

•how you can set the tone to manifest your
hearts desires

•what to do to get out of your “story”

•how to use your
intuition for a happier,
 healthier and EASIER life!

On the eve of
Halloween you won’t want to
Miss this
transformative call

Register now at:

Living in the Moment

Tonight I had a last minute offer to take a belly dancing class and found myself coming up with all sorts of reasons why it was too short of notice. Then I stopped and said to myself, “Sherri, you’ve always wanted to take belly dancing – be spontaneous and get movin’ girl.” In other words, seize the day!

This is what I teach for heavens sake – live in the moment…have fun…do what makes you happy…step outside the box…BE spontaneous. And here I was fighting with my own advice. So I want to say, I understand when you resist and put pleasure on the back burner – it’s the first instinct, especially when you’ve got a to do list a mile long.  Oh my how I get seduced by penning those delicious check off’s – really I understand!!

But I’m here to tell you – abandon your lists, don’t listen to your sensibility, free yourself and have fun! Live in the present moment and mix things up – trust me, that check off list isn’t going anywhere.
I had so much fun tonight I stayed for the next class…burlesque – whooohooo. I fully expressed my feminine creative Self and it felt fantastic!

So the next time you have a choice between getting something done or getting playful -flip to fun – you will be glad you did!

Creating the Love Life You Desire!

Wow I’ve discovered a new meditation that totally rocks!! It’s so
easy and it works!!! I want to share it with you so you can start
creating the life you want pronto!

Here’s what you do:
Start the morning sitting in a meditative position in a quiet place
where you’ll be alone.  Inhale, then say, “ahhhhh” for the length of
your outbreath. This clears your chakra’s. Do this  a few times.
Visualize what you want to manifest as you are going thru your “Ah’s” –
this can be money, a relationship, happiness, a new car, ANYTHING. And
send this vision out your third eye (area between your eyes on your
forehead) while you are exhaling and saying “Ah.” Really feel like you
have what you are focusing on. This is sending your desire out to the
universe with maximum effect.
3) Continue for 15 minutes.
Before you go to sleep get in a quiet place and now take a deep breath
in and and as you breath out say “om” . While you are saying “OM” think
of all you are grateful for. Do this for 15 minutes and go to sleep.
manifest quicker than you can imagine. The first day I did this I was
offered an article writing job for a leading relationship company. The
second day a friend invited me to an all expense paid 4 day holiday in
Colorado. The third day I received an unexpected check and it just
keeps getting better and better every day.
Another benefit – the vibration of the Ah and Om put you in a great mood:-)
Happy chanting!