This One Thing Will Make You Happier

Have you experienced a sound bath yet? They are FABULOUS  and all the craze here in Los Angeles!!! What you might ask is a sound bath???
It’s an amazing experience that helps you let go of all that no longer serves you + Manifest the BEST life ever! It re-calibrates your system, heals deeply, and energizes your life.
More specifically a Sound Bath is an acoustic sound healing journey that relaxes the body, clears the subconscious, calms the mind, and activates your body’s natural healing systems.
Not to worry if your city is yet to offer these sound sojourns because the awesome truth is Music has the ability to impact us in a similar way. Listening to your favorite song can take you deep and transport you to a specific time and place in your life that you loved – clearing negative energies and filling your body with a higher happier vibe.
This is the power of music. Did you know that it’s way more than nostalgia – that music does something very specific to our brain?


Sparkle from the Inside Out Workshop!

Saturday July 9th 9am – 5:30pm
Can I ask you a question? Do you find yourself feeling dull, tired, and unattractive lately? And even worse – are you missing your magic mojo??? Life is just soooo busy and full of responsibility isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be great to get your zip, zeal and zing back?

If you are like most of my clients and women in general your answer will be an emphatic YES!!

Lately women everywhere are emailing and asking me how they can renew their radiance – especially as we
head into summer and you want to slip into a li’l feminine frock and sexy sandal. It’s natural to want to look and feel beautiful; engage in hot romantic adventures and leave a trail of sparkling dust in your wake:-))

Imagine sashaying down the street like you own it, hypnotizing from your hair to your hemline – totally irresistible.
Now that’s a summer to remember!

I’m on a mission to make sure your summer dream turns into a year-round reality. So I’ve designed a fabulous and fun LIVE, experiential workshop with my good friend, Lori Ann Robinson, image and fashion consultant extraordinaire.

Together we are going to help you Sparkle from the Inside Out. This workshop will give you the 6 steps you absolutely must have to feel vibrant, vivacious and even a little vixen-icious!

Come play and let us help you get your sparkle on!!!

Hottest Fall Fashions

September 10 @ 9 a.m. PST/ noon EST
It’s fabulous Friday!

This weeks Girls Just Wanna Have Fun FREE Friday call will focus on…Looking good…

Two small words that carry a lot of weight…
I mean, really goddess, don’t you want to look
fabulous and sexy?

Whether you’re out on a date, wooing a potentially phenomenal client or enjoying a latte at the local coffee bar – you want to feel like a million and know you look like it too! Right? Right!!!

So today, on our Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Free
Friday call, I’m bringing you my good friend image/fashion expert, Lori Ann Robinson, who will give you the skinny on how to look good all the times with falls hottest fasions.

Click here to listen live to the call…

You will learn:

What you need to know before you shop this fall
Popular colors for fall
Best new trends and how to wear them
Accessories you can’t live without
Perfect Fall makeup tips
and so much more….

Listen live and you’ll have the opportunity to ask Lori your most burning fashion questions.

If you are unable to be live on today’s call due to

scheduling conflicts you can listen to the replay by clicking


To your fashionista!


Stiletto’s Anyone?

What woman doesn’t “feel” like a WOMAN in a sexy new pair of stiletto’s?  Your legs look longer, your calves curvier and if you didn’t have a cute little tushie before, you do now!

As you can see I’m in the thick of things at a big Macy’s sale – so many shoes, so little time:-) As part of the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Challenge my friend Janka and I decided to have some fun trying on all sorts of styles.

And you know what we discovered? It’s irrelevant whether you purchase or not, just slipping on a delicious pair of shoes and imagining ourselves on a date, sitting pretty, at a sparkling event, at a speaking engagement, you name it…was enough to excite and inspire us and remind us how fabulous it is to be a woman!

Go get your pretty feet in some sensational sandals now!!

Make-Up & Hair, Oh Yes!

Trim your tresses and
put on a fabulous new face girl! Spring has sprung and with it you want to be
your most magnificent self – transformation is in the air. So what’s the first thing you need to
do to feel fresh and exciting? Head straight to the best hair salon in town of
course and get yourself an au courant “do” with lighter highlights
for that touch of glamour.

It just makes me feel
good – and it will make you feel terrific too. Try a new style, try a new
length, try a new color – the key is change. It needs the WOW factor to make you feel sassy and sexy.
your comfort zone a bit here and don’t freak out – you’re not married
to it – hair grows, color and style can be changed – just have some fun and
create a new persona.

Next stop – a great
cosmetic department. Bring a
friend for some sisterly support and cruise the counters till you find a
make-up artist’s face you like.
Zero in and ask for a free makeover -play, play, play with new colors and
applications. Ask your friend for honest critique and get yourself a fresh new

Just like a
spring flower your femininity is unfolding beautifully.

Empowerment: If You’ve Got It, Flaunt it!

Now is your time…Flaunt with flair!
We can all learn from Beyonce (left), Ms.”flaunt” Diva!
She always looks fabulous and exudes such confidence in her sensuality. Take a minute & listen to what fashion & image consultant Lori Ann Robinson has to say about making the most of your mostest!

Luscious Lingerie Empowers Women

Are your under garments making you feel delicious? If not, why not? This is one of the easiest and safest ways to feel sexy for anyone uncomfortable in body hugging fashions. And men love pretty lingerie!

So why not march yourself right into Victoria
Secret’s and buy some sexy push-up’s. What a HUGE difference. If you are not
well endowed and need some help in this area the “chicken cutlets”
are very natural enhancers.
One of
my good friends decided to try them and got a kick out of her husbands admiring response as well as the general oogling her new
cleavage was causing.

Pretty undies are also a must. If you are
wearing waist high “mother” underwear how will your sensual self ever emerge? And what about your guy? Remember, men are VISUAL!

If thongs are not your thing no worries honeychild –  there are lots
of options in-between.
And the
psychological benefit of flirtatious undergarments is enormous – you’ll feel as
though you have a secret…a secret that will cause a sensual vibe to flow like
a river right out of you.

Are you wanting to curb some curves? Don’t feel bad
if your figure needs some realignment- most of us do. The good news is there are
plenty attractive body shaping lines out there to lift, smooth and
Nordstrom’s has an awesome
lingerie department with well-trained gals to help you out.

I can’t emphasize this enough,
it all starts with your foundations – build beautifully and watch your walk
become a confident strut. Start building today!!

Man Boot or Sexy Stiletto?

My #1 realization when my husband and I split was that I had
lost touch with my feminine, creative, fun and frivolous side. Yikes! When did
THAT happen?? What happened to that fun loving girl always looking for the next fun
adventure?  How did I go from
capricious Kelly to career driven Connie?

Interestingly enough when I did some research and started
looking around at other career crazy gals I discovered I was not alone! This
“work and achieve” attitude was quite the common theme!

The next “awakening”… this striving to achieve outer world success – completely a male mentality. Can
you relate to any of these masculine drivers?

  • ·
    talent and ability to become #1
  • ·
    Strategic planning for controlled outcomes
  • Competitive and aggressive

  • ·
    Pursuit of more money, more money, more money
  • ·
    Managing and directing a team of individuals

When your mind spends a good chunk of the day focused on
these activities it can be hard to balance and “bounce” back and forth between
the feminine and the masculine.

Therein lies the problem – your day ends, you go home, but
your head is still in man mode…minor deet to consider – there’s already one man
in the relationship, no need for two! Watch out for some spontaneous combustion if you forget to
flip to feminine.

Now ladies, let’s get real, after a long day of super woman do
you really want to enter into a long night of “Butting Heads?”

Here are a few tips to keep your relationship flowing

  • ·
    When you walk thru the front door, step out of
    competitive Carl and step into soft Suzy. Men, by nature, want to take care of
    us…so LET THEM!!!
  • ·
    Even if you can do something yourself (i.e.
    opening a can of olives for that relaxing martini) ask your man to do it for
    you and gush about his strength – make him feel
    like a man.
  • ·
    Ask his advice on an issue you have and really
    listen to his suggestion. Don’t interrupt! And let him know how much you
    appreciate his wisdom.

Fall into feminine and watch your relationship dynamics
shift deliciously!