3 Tips to Become a Sensual Woman

A sensual woman embodies femininity in all its magnificence and is absolutely mesmerizing to those around her. She possesses a certain sparkling quality that radiates from the inside out.

Sensuality starts with a heightened awareness to pleasure. Not just the kind of pleasure found in the bedroom, (although important 😉 — it’s also seeking to find enjoyment in all things. Thus sensual women have more sex, experience more pleasure in life, and feel at peace with who they are.

Sounds good, right?!

It is good. In fact, it’s better than good, it’s blissful!

Studies have shown that women who are exceptionally sensual live for the moment and are not stuck in the past or pre-occupied with the future. They take pleasure in life moment by moment delighting in the fullness of each experience.

Sensuality at its core is enjoyment; enjoyment of experiences, people, intimacy, and most importantly enjoyment of self.

If you’re ready to get in on the action and access your sensuality, read on to discover the 3 secrets to being a sensual woman.

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How to Become Your Inner Siren

Because I hear from many of you that you desire to feel more shamelessly seductive and enjoy a more deeply satisfying sex life I knew you’d want to see this.

I am super excited because a special invitation has been given to me to be part of this FREE life changing event, Become Your Inner Siren: 21 Experts Share Secrets to Expressing Your Authentic Sensuality free telesummit. It features The Top Interviews In 2013 To Discover Your Path to Feeling Ultrafeminine and Embodying your Inner Seductress.

My friend, Deonesea, has brought together 21 leading experts to create a sensual feast that is designed to help you embrace your passion and pleasure and give you the freedom to be your sensuous self.

Imagine that today is your day and you can:
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Relationship Advice: Playful Communication

Did you know PLAYFULNESS is one of the best tools you can use to breakthrough fear? This week-end I had the pleasure of witnessing one of my clients/friends step outside the box by using humor to overcome her fear. Do what she did and you will be building your confidence in no time.

Basically she was mesmerized by a man she was admiring from afar and wanted to find out if he was available – but wow were her screaming meemies doing a big time revolt in her stomach and creating fear…

Determined to break her pattern she took a deep breath, gathered her courage and sauntered over to her dream man…she smiled and asked him if she could ask him a question….he was in a hurry and asked if it was a quick question – she assured him it was and then she playfully told him a friend greatly admired him and loved his energy and wanted to know if he was available…

Although he said he was in a “new” relationship his curiosity was piqued and he suddenly had lots of time to find out more about this mystery woman. When she did the big “reveal” he was blown away and totally flattered and she felt totally empowered.

When we debriefed over drinks she was positively giddy and glowing!

The big “get” is when you approach things in a fun way you feel light and your nervousness disappears. No matter what the outcome you are relaxed and able to absorb and receive it without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. Like a duck you let it roll off your back knowing you took a chance – a chance that most would not – and because of this you feel fan-tas-tical and very proud.

Get your deliciousness on and start playing like my client/friend! You’ll be building your confidence to the nth degree !!!

What’s in a Smile?

“A smile on the face is a sign that the heart is at home.” Anonymous

The easiest way to invite fantastic opportunities into your life is to smile ( it’s also the best way to flip your mood from sour to sizzling!). As outlined in my earlier post, S.P.A.R.K.L.E. will take the sludge off your shine, open your heart and create connection in a nano second. This is the first of a 7 part series illuminating the specific ways you can get your sparkle on!

To begin with, let’s talk about smiling…
Smiling lights you up from the inside out. No matter what you look like flashing your pearly whites will always make you sparkle and your eyes twinkle. And it’s the quickest way to communicate your joy, happiness, love, friendliness and approachability.

On the flirtatious side, a smile is equivalent to a feminine lair—inviting a man into your space.

Universally, your smile has the ability to turn somebody’s day around.

Make it a part of your day, every day and you’ll see instant changes that you will love.

Smiling is always a win-win:-)

Kissing: Why do we love it so?

Have you ever thought about what’s in a kiss? Not your quick hello and good-bye pecks– I’m talking about a  really juicy, lingering, explorative lip-lock? To me, a kiss tells all; is he passionate, is he confident, is he soulful, is he sloppy, is he arrogant, is he over zealous, is he romantic, is he someone you could kiss for the rest of your life?
I have always looked at kissing as a connection of the soul – and was so surprised to read an interesting article in Tango Magazine suggesting that there is an actual science behind why we smooch.

I know what you’re thinking, it’s exactly what I was thinking,- passion reduced to practicality?  What happened to wild abandon? Well according to Tango it’s the way we get the inside info in an indirect way.
So, I invite you to read the article, find out what secrets your man’s lips have to share, and let me know what you think!

Flirty Body Language Series – Part 7 of 7

Touch Me Tender

Although most women like to hear the words, “I love you,”
from their man, more important for your relationship is touch. Words are
processed in the thinking part of your brain whereas touching goes directly to
your emotional centers.

So it makes sense that it’s far more important to touch to
keep the connected bonded feelings going.

Regular touching not only helps to calm the stresses of the
day, but adds a sense of caring and pleasure as it gets the endorphins flowing

As part of your relationship romance plan set time aside every
day to do at least one of the following:


Flirty Body Language Series – Part 6 of 7

Flirty Fragrances

The scent of a woman…has more power than you can imagine.

The most sensual scents have three odor groups called notes.
Take Vera Wang for example – the top note is a floral bouquet of rose, calla lily and mandarin flower,(giving sweetness), the
middle being gardenia and iris (giving body), followed by a note of musks white woods, and nectar (giving warmth, texture and
staying power).

According to Ann Gottlieb, talented fragrance designer, the
best perfumes for women release floral and fruity fragrances mixed with sweet and
warm aroma like vanilla or amber. It seems men find this mix intoxicating and
very, very sexy.

Since a man’s nose acclimates to your perfume after a few
whiffs, in order to cast your sexy spell it’s a great idea to leave the room or
walk away and then re-enter letting your scent waft and whirl anew.

If you’re in the market for a new fragrance, you might want to treat yourself to one of the top ten perfumes of the season:


Flirty Body Language Series – Part 5 of 7

What’s in a Face?

Whether single or in a relationship, to attract or draw
attention you put your best face forward – going out of your way to be visually appealing. This means
different things to different women, but to most it means adding allure with
make-up, hairdos and friendly facial expression

Even though your face makes up less than 5% of the body
surface it is the canvas of your personality and image and sensuality.

The most memorable faces are either very ugly or very
beautiful. Ok, I know what you’re thinking, not everyone is blessed with what
society considers “beauty.” But of course, a face doesn’t have to be drop dead
gorgeous to attract the opposite sex because every face has its own visual

As a matter of fact the most interesting faces have
idiosyncratic “signature” traits like Tom Cruise boyish grin or Elvis Presley’s
upper lip curl that gave him a “bad-boy” look. And what about Sarah Jessica
Parkers nose? The facial expressions and personality of these famous faces make
them memorable as opposed to perfect features and symmetry.

Which brings me to facial movements considered to be more
beguiling than the features themselves. So, if you have plain features you can
light up your face with expressive lips, eyelids, and brow motion.

And I love this little fact – research in social psychology
shows that men find expressive faces far more attractive and appealing than
beautiful ones.

So, next time you are out and about or on a date night make
sure you are fully facially expressed to amplify your attraction factor!

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Flirty Body Language Series – Part 4 of 7

Beguiling Brows

Eyebrows. Who knew the peak of your brow played such a big
role in flirty body language? But it definitely does. If you’ve got the famous
Marilyn Monroe eyebrow arch your “flirt factor” is much higher than say Brooke
Shields who sports a straight brow.

According to David Givens, PhD, the horizontal eyebrow, more
common in men, conveys authority, masculinity and seriousness. In his book, Love Signals, he says, ”The uplifted
appearance of a woman’s eyebrows defines a mood of eagerness, happiness, and
“wide-eyed innocence.” Masculine brows suggest strength in reserve, whereas
feminine designs invite approach with their suggestion of friendliness.”

Let’s take a closer look at Marilyn’s eyes – they powerfully
draw you in and seduce. She was a perfectionist about the “design” of her looks
and worked with legendary Hollywood make-up artist, Whitey Snyder, to create a
brow frame that brings your eye to hers like the rings of a target brings eyes
to a bull’s eye. Brilliant!

The secret to Snyder’s success was penciling peaks in her
brow precisely above Marilyn’s pupils and just outside the center of her eyes.
These pyramidal peaks persuade the visual centers of the brain that her
eyebrows are emotionally “lifting” to attract attention. Thanks to his
expertise an attitude was created with Marilyn that millions are familiar with
at a glance.

Concurring with this philosophy, Anastasia, stylist to the
in Beverly Hills, says, “A well placed arch above the lateral edge of a
woman’s iris mimics the friendly appeal of the eyebrow flash of recognition.”

The great news is – a talented shaping artist can take an
ordinary eyebrow and transform it into an inviting brow in moments! So, get yourself a “Monroe” today and
watch how effortlessly you draw and seduce!

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Flirty Body Language Series – Part 3 of 7

10 Tips to Show Sexual Interest

Would you like to be able to give tell-tale signs of your
sexual interest without saying a word?
The art of seduction is all about creating the anticipation of pleasure

Did you see one of my favorite movie’s, Dangerous
, with Jacqueline Bisset? A true story about a Venetian mother who teaches her daughter the art of
seduction in the 1600’s. It’s a fabulous movie that studies pleasure…and the secret of pleasure? You must know pleasure before you can give pleasure:-) If you
haven’t seen it, you have got to rent it!

In the meantime, read over these 10 tips: