8 Ways To Make Your Sex Life Hilarious (And Why That’s Healthy!)

Laughter is very sexy—particularly in the bedroom. Is your sex life full of silly fun? If not, you are missing out on one of the easiest ways to bring you and your partner closer together. Laughing shows you are willing to release inhibitions, let down your guard, and let go of unhealthy tensions. In addition, when you laugh you become present—living in the moment—inviting connection and creating the space for deeper intimacy.

Interestingly, laughter and sex produce similar physical reactions—both increasing body temperature and leaving you feeling warm, wonderful, and totally relaxed. So why not bring some silliness into the bedroom to bond in new and powerful ways?

Here are a few ideas to get the giggling going:
1. Try a new position that rivals Cirque du Soleil.
2. Try body painting, and find your partner’s ticklish spots!
3. Watch bad porn.
4. Play naked Twister with some naughty new rules.
5. Roll some dirty dice (one with body parts and the other with actions—easily found online).
6. Do the tango wearing nothing but a red rose in your teeth.
7. Play charades making funny faces and motions.
8. Use your limitless imagination!

Unfortunately, many people try to avoid funny situations fearing they might look foolish or be laughed at or rejected. The truth is, when you hold yourself in check, wanting to look perfect, afraid of what your partner will say or do, you put up an invisible wall that creates separation—the opposite of what you and your relationship should desire to attain. When you are worried about what the other person thinks, you have this swirl of anxious thoughts that keeps you closed off. Why not open up to having some fun and trying new things? It will allow your significant other to see another side of you as well as bring fresh sparks to your sex life.

Laughter adds both sexual and emotional intimacy to a relationship. When you play and laugh you become fully present, which allows you to connect. Most people have a tendency to live in the past, dwelling on negative emotions like anger and regret—or they fret about the future. According to a Harvard University study by Killingsworth and Gilbert, adults spend only about 50 percent of their time in the present moment. The researchers discovered that people spend the other 50 percent with their mind wandering, and that “a wandering mind is an unhappy mind.” On the other hand, they concluded that a “present” mind is generally joyful—thus, laughing and playing adds happiness to a relationship.

Have you ever noticed how much energy and enthusiasm children have? One of the reasons for this is because they laugh a lot. They don’t spend much time worrying or thinking negative thoughts, which exhaust us and weigh us down. When your energy is light and happy your partner will be much more drawn to you, creating a positive environment for emotional and sexual intimacy.

Laughter also creates connection, one of the top things people complain is missing from their relationship. Dr. Barbara Fredrickson of the University of North Carolina found that positive emotion expands our…
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to your sparkling laughter:))

Secret to Turning Your Fuddy-Duddy Love Life Into Fireworks

Do you have a heightened sex drive with a desire to have more fun romantic adventures but your partner is a stick-in-the-mud? If you feel like you are in a romantic rut and things have gotten pretty stale, why not bring a fresh twist into your relationship to mix it up?

Don’t make the mistake of waiting for your guy to turn into Don Juan and sweep you off your feet – odds are you may win the lottery before that happens. It’s not that your significant other doesn’t want to make you happy, it’s just that most men aren’t schooled in knowing how to romance you in the way you want. Thus it usually boils down to one of two things: either he doesn’t have a clue what to do or he is so afraid you won’t be pleased he does nothing. Sound familiar?

Since you crave more passion and studies prove that successful relationships laugh and play, why not…
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2 More Sexy Themes to Heat Up Your Relationship

There’s no better time for romance than summer:vacations, midnight swims, picnics on the beach, bonfires, outdoor concerts. So what’s on your romantic agenda? Do you hang back and wait for your man to turn into Don Juan only to get disappointed and frustrated? Why not take control of your love life and spice things up with a sexy themed date night taken from my book, Sexy and Sparkling?

“Let’s Get Twisted”. Invite your beau to play an age-old game with new racy rules. This lively escapade will have you and your lover laughing and lusting in no time – feeling young, sexy and alive! Write an invitation saying, “Let’s get twisted – XOXO Your Sassy Senorita.” Place all the “romance essentials” along with the invite on a large sombrero and leave it… Continue reading

3 Tips to Become a Sensual Woman

A sensual woman embodies femininity in all its magnificence and is absolutely mesmerizing to those around her. She possesses a certain sparkling quality that radiates from the inside out.

Sensuality starts with a heightened awareness to pleasure. Not just the kind of pleasure found in the bedroom, (although important 😉 — it’s also seeking to find enjoyment in all things. Thus sensual women have more sex, experience more pleasure in life, and feel at peace with who they are.

Sounds good, right?!

It is good. In fact, it’s better than good, it’s blissful!

Studies have shown that women who are exceptionally sensual live for the moment and are not stuck in the past or pre-occupied with the future. They take pleasure in life moment by moment delighting in the fullness of each experience.

Sensuality at its core is enjoyment; enjoyment of experiences, people, intimacy, and most importantly enjoyment of self.

If you’re ready to get in on the action and access your sensuality, read on to discover the 3 secrets to being a sensual woman.

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How to Become Your Inner Siren

Because I hear from many of you that you desire to feel more shamelessly seductive and enjoy a more deeply satisfying sex life I knew you’d want to see this.

I am super excited because a special invitation has been given to me to be part of this FREE life changing event, Become Your Inner Siren: 21 Experts Share Secrets to Expressing Your Authentic Sensuality free telesummit. It features The Top Interviews In 2013 To Discover Your Path to Feeling Ultrafeminine and Embodying your Inner Seductress.

My friend, Deonesea, has brought together 21 leading experts to create a sensual feast that is designed to help you embrace your passion and pleasure and give you the freedom to be your sensuous self.

Imagine that today is your day and you can:
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Life Begins When You Live on the Edge of Your Comfort Zone

Let the New Year Begin!!!

Forget about setting resolutions, instead commit to living on the edge of your comfort zone. You sure would be in good company considering Dianne Feinstein and a bevy of other iconic females I recently saw interviewed said the key to a happy and fulfilling life involves taking risks and stepping out of your safety zone.

According to these empowered women, that’s when life becomes magical and you are truly living into your genius and greatness.

As inspiring as that sounds you may be saying to yourself, “That seems kinda scary. My life may be a bit boring but routine suits me because I know what to expect and I like being in control…” sound familiar?

In the spirit of this theme I am committed to speaking my truth – even if it’s a little risky -because I want to shake things up for people and nudge them in the direction of their bliss.

So here goes…living a routine life will suck your spirit dry! You’ll be parched, wilted, lifeless, dreamless with about as much energy as a sloth on a hot summer day. It’s time to follow your dreams and drink deeply from the well of the unknown. The excitement of the risk will make you feel vibrant and alive!

Now you might be thinking, “How does one do that?” Truth be told all it takes is an intention to make 2013 the year you live fully, a willingness to be open to new experiences, and a commitment to bring forth consistent courage.

This means reflecting, identifying and overcoming those things that keep you in your rut. Then coming up with new behaviors and structures that are in alignment with who you want to become; the you that embraces life and all it’s opportunities; the you that is determined to look back at your life with no regrets.

To get you started I want to share an exercise I read about and did over the holidays. These 3 tips given by self-love author, Christine Arylo, are very powerful and energizing.

You’ll need three pieces of paper and a pen – go ahead and get that now.

  1. On one page write down all the physical stuff you don’t want to bring into 2013 – items that take up space and keep you attached to the past. Next take action to clear it out. I just had a friend help me clean out my closet and got rid of 4 big hefty bags of clothes and a big box of shoes and purses. Wow did it feel good to ditch outfits and accessories that reminded me of jobs and people from my past, dates that went south, and old times I’d been subconsciously attached to. Move it out and move it forward sister!
  2. On the second page write down all the relationships you want to release and/or set the intention you only want to have joyful and happy relationships. I had already released a friendship that no longer served me last year so I did the latter. Send love to those you are releasing and then burn the list in a safe place like your fireplace.
  3. On the third page list the emotional things you don’t want to bring into 2013 – this can be old limiting patterns that don’t serve you anymore like guilt, shame, blame, avoidance, anger, sadness. It might be obligations, or unhealthy habits. I’m giving up anger which is all ego driven. I am aware that whenever I feel disempowered my unhealthy pattern is to become angry which fills me up with a false sense of power. I’m choosing to master my mind and empower myself with healthy thoughts and behaviors.

Doing this exercise will make you feel lighter and as you feel lighter you’ll begin to feel more energized and open and as you feel more energized and open you’ll begin to feel more confident and as you feel more confident you’ll be more willing to take risks. Voila! You are now living on the edge of your comfort zone.

To your sparkling edge,


This is the Love Fix!

If you’d like to find “the one” (or you already have), and you want to spend the rest of your life blissfully together…

You already know that it’s not as simple as just meeting the right person.

Relationships can get stale, boring, or some of your partner’s “bad habits” will begin to really annoy you…

If you’ve experiencing this right now or have been tormented by it in the past, it might be that you don’t have enough “Wabi Sabi Love” in your relationship.

Right about now you may be asking, “What the heck is “Wabi Sabi Love”?

(No, it’s not some kinky, sex position).

“Wabi Sabi Love” is the secret to long-lasting, loving relationships.

My friend, bestselling author & relationship expert Arielle Ford, just shot a free video series about it. And she’d like to share it with you, whether you’re married, in a relationship or seeking your soulmate.

You can watch it here…

All new romances start off alike:

– You can’t keep your hands off each other…
– You can’t wait to see each other…
– Everything they do is cute or endearing…

Over time, the first two slow down – and you’re OK with that…

But those “habits” that were once cute or endearing… They start to really bug you. Drive you up the walls. Crazy, even.

It can be him leaving towels or dirty laundry everywhere… Or playing the TV too loud… Or leaving little messes in the kitchen.

But here’s the trick. By adding some “Wabi Sabi Love” into your relationships, you can actually “change” these habits!

“Wabi Sabi Love” has helped couples stay married for 40, 50 even 80 years or more…

Imagine how your life would change if you could find a way for those blissful feelings of love to endure in your relationship forever…

Wabi Sabi Love is the solution!
I highly recommend you watch the video and get your Love Fix today!!


How Touching, Intimacy & Connection = I Love You

If you long to hear the words, “I love you,” you will be surprised to learn that touching is what will actually propel your relationship into the intimacy you desire. You see words are processed in the thinking part of your brain whereas touch goes directly to your emotional centers. Read on to learn six simple ways to touch.

Regular touching of your lover as well as your own beautiful body gets the endorphins flowing, which create a sense of caring and pleasure, plus help to calm the stresses of the day.

Touching  communicates love and sadly we are a touch-starved society.

In the 1960’s a study showed the drastic differences in cultures by observing how many touches were exchanged with pairs of people around the world in coffee houses. Americans adhered to a strict diet touching only twice within an hour while Puerto Ricans got the prize touching 180 times an hour. The deprivation of touch may manifest as depression, anxiety, irritability, boredom, pain, moodiness as well as make you feel separate, lonely and isolated.  Touching allows you to move into sacred space, creating presence and connection. And yet, we are a touch starved society.

So many women complain that their relationships lack intimacy. We are born with an intense skin hunger. The emotional development of babies depends on tons of touching and as adults we have a strong need to be held in someone’s arms, hold hands, be cuddled, be caressed, etc. However, most people don’t touch as often as they would like – afraid of being rejected, seen as needy or vulnerable they cover their need for intimacy with work, activities, TV food, drugs, alcohol.

The first step to developing a successful, intimate relationship with your partner is to first build intimacy with yourself. Exploring every delicious curve of your body will help you get to know what you like and what makes you feel good.

Once you’ve got this down, you can reach out to your partner with confidence and create the closeness you crave.

With all these fantastic reasons to bring touch into relationships let’s take a look at 6 ways you can incorporate touch into your life.

– Initiate an intimate connection to yourself by putting on some soft tunes, lighting a candle, laying down, closing your eyes and letting you hands glide over your body, touching every delicious curve in a sacred non-sexual way. Appreciate your body and connect to your senses.

– You can enhance creating an intimate connection to yourself by using an aromatherapy lotion or essential oil with a sexy scent like ylang-ylang or rose. Let your sensual Self expand!

– Hugging increases closeness, connection and safety. Make sure it is a full body hug so you can feel the heart beat of the person you’re embracing.

– Kissing – raise his testosterone levels with a 20 second kiss and it will make you feel more connected.

– Massage – the shoulders, hands and feet get emotionally stimulated when touched. New York-based sex therapist Mildred Witkin, suggests couples should practice touching in a way that is not explicitly sexual to keep intimacy and playfulness alive.

– Dance classes are a great way to meet new people and have your hand and waist held all evening long. Contact your local YMCA or dance studio for schedules.

Follow these six steps to increase touching and you’ll soon be building the connection and intimacy you desire.

Joy – How to Become Joyful

Joy in action!

I’ve been having a conversation with one of my colleagues about being that which you want in life. In other words if you want more love in your life you have to BE love yourself, if you want more prosperity you need to FEEL prosperous etc., and it’s not suppose to be a struggle!!

I have many clients who say life overwhelms them and they find it difficult to get what they want. It all boils down to focus. What we focus on. If we constantly think about the things in our life we are not happy about we unfortunately just draw more of the same – it’s where we are vibrating…

And when we allow everyone else’s needs to dictate our life it can feel like a struggle to achieve what we want….the last few days I’ve had several great messages about just this thing – this morning I was reading a psalm and it talked about giving all your troubles up to God ( I say put it in your God Box! ) and enjoy your life! Leave the worrying behind!

Yesterday a good friend emailed me this message from Abraham Hicks who I’ve followed on and off for years. I want to share it with you since it’s such a wonderful reminder to change our perspective to one of joy, no matter what!

” Life is supposed to be fun. You said, “I’ll go forth and choose. I’ll look at the data, and I’ll say yes to this and yes to this and yes to this; and I’ll paint a picture of the things that I want, and I’ll vibrate about them because that’s what I’m giving my attention to. And the Universe will respond to my vibration. And then I’ll stand in a new place where a whole new batch of yeses are available, and I’ll say yes to this and yes to this and yes to this.” You did not say, “I’ll go forth and struggle into joy,” because from your Nonphysical Perspective you know it is vibrationally not possible. You cannot struggle to joy. Struggle and joy are not on the same channel. You joy your way to joy. You laugh your way to success. It is through your joy that good things come.” ~Abraham

So, what can you do today to put yourself in a place of joy? Make a list of 10 things that bring you joy so that you will have a quick reference – if you are so stressed out you can’t think of what brings you joy whip out your list and you’ll be reminded instantly! Don’t laugh, I’ve heard this from many clients! Best be prepared!

To YOUR joy!

Laughing Lures Men

Laughing Lures Men

Are your social activities helping or hurting your love life?

Do you spend your free time in ways that either deepen your relationship or provide the opportunity to meet new people?

Whether you are single or in a committed relationship if you want a luscious love life you’ll need to make sure your social life is in sync with the life you want to create!

Be honest. Are you spending your free time holed up in your own home or focused on completing your to-do list? If you are, yet deeply desire a loving relationship you’ll need to make some serious changes.

Engaging in activities that leave you feeling unfulfilled, bored or disconnected will pull your energy down, making you less attractive and creating the opposite affect of what you want.

So make a conscious choice to reclaim your playful spirit. Be open, adventurous and daring!

When you start having fun you will activate your inner sparkle and this in-love-with-life attitude will make you irresistible to the opposite sex.

Plan of Action:
Many of my clients use a Fun Journal – why not give it a try? Turn the first page into an index of 20 social situations that support your relationship goals and then act on one/week. Write about the outcome.

Here are 5 fun activities to get your journal started:
1) salsa dancing
2) meetup.com clubs
3) day trips
4) sporting events
5) festival concert

Get your sparkle on and you’ll draw in or create the relationship of your dreams!