What’s in a Smile?

“A smile on the face is a sign that the heart is at home.” Anonymous

The easiest way to invite fantastic opportunities into your life is to smile ( it’s also the best way to flip your mood from sour to sizzling!). As outlined in my earlier post, S.P.A.R.K.L.E. will take the sludge off your shine, open your heart and create connection in a nano second. This is the first of a 7 part series illuminating the specific ways you can get your sparkle on!

To begin with, let’s talk about smiling…
Smiling lights you up from the inside out. No matter what you look like flashing your pearly whites will always make you sparkle and your eyes twinkle. And it’s the quickest way to communicate your joy, happiness, love, friendliness and approachability.

On the flirtatious side, a smile is equivalent to a feminine lair—inviting a man into your space.

Universally, your smile has the ability to turn somebody’s day around.

Make it a part of your day, every day and you’ll see instant changes that you will love.

Smiling is always a win-win:-)

How to Love with Wild Abandon

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun FREE call Friday June 25th @ 9 a.m.

When you think about being in love do you have images of opening your heart with wild abandon or do you become contracted with fear? Do you dive in fully or do you test the waters?

Join me Friday and learn how you can open your heart and speak authentically to make awesome connections with not only your loved ones, but EVERYONE. It is what all of us crave – to love and be loved…but it isn’t always easy to match the desire with the appropriate action or words.

We are born with open hearts but as we experience life we often shut our hearts down. To flourish and develop as a compassionate and loving person we need to be receptive to love which means we need to live with an open, healthy heart. The heart is the most important organ in our body, also known as the Emperor in Chinese medicine, so love is the center of our lives.

When our hearts are open we are at peace with ourselves and with those around us and we feel harmoniously balanced within ourselves. When we are able to speak purely from our hearts we are communicating in a way that creates the relationships we want.

Hop on the call and learn:

  • How to open your heart chakra
  • Identify your pleasures
  • How to give voice to your feelings
  • #1 way we sabotage relationships
  • an exercise to help you love more deeply

…and so much more!

To love!

Relationship Sparkle: 7 Tips to Get Your Sparkle On!

Charisma is a sparkle in people that money can’t buy. It’s an invisible energy with visible effects.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Ever wonder where that fun-loving, sexy woman went? Yes, I’m talking about you! If you are anything like I was after I got married, you are involved with setting high goals and running towards them with aggressive obsession. And guess what, it’s easy to lose sight of who you are in such a paradigm.

My playful, feminine spirit was replaced with a rigid, controlling masculine mask. Yuck! But true. Is this you?

If you desire to be playful, sensual, enchanting but don’t remember how ( or maybe never learned) isn’t it time to connect with your feminine power? If you and your relationship have lost the “sparkle” don’t you want to get the sludge off your shine?

My tribe of beauties have made incredible transformations in their love life’s by following this simple 7-step formula that spells out S.P.A.R.K.L.E.

S…is for smile –  lights you up from the inside out.

P…is for passion – that effusive energy that screams, “I’m ALIVE”

A…is for attitude – allows you to connect, own and embrace the fullness of who you are

R…is for rumba – dancing and movement lets the feminine energy flow

K…is for know yourself – getting back to who you are means living authentically in your truth

L…is for laughter –  the sunshine of your soul and creates instant connection

E…is for embrace your enchantress – balancing your softness with your power

Go on now, get your SPARKLE ON!!!

Week-end Romantic Ideas

Hey playful goddess it’s the week-end – wooohooo!! Have any romantic adventures planned? Life will always be hectic and jam packed so my suggestion is to just do it ( thanks Nike!). Seriously there are a million reasons to keep putting your romance on hold but why deprive yourself and your lover of some juicy, passionate, memorable moments today?

To help get your mind going here are two idea’s for romance – either use them as is or add your own twists and turns – the important thing is to get in the game darlin!

1) Celebrate the romance of food! Plan a special dinner to cook together. Unplug the phone, turn on your favoirte music, and enjoy preparing and eating a sumptuous dinner together. If your kitchen skills are rusty, take a cooking class together. Food has always been an important part of courtship!

2) Celebrate intimacy! Invite your lover to share a bubble bath. Scent the water with essential oils such as lavender, ylang-ylang or vanilla. Light candles to place around the tub, turn on your favorite romantic music, pour a glass of wine. Warm some towels in the dryer for later and settle in for a memorable evening.

Get going you little vixen!

Recipes for Love

If you are in the mood for a little romance I have a couple of wonderful “recipes” for you to get your love life cooking! All you need to do is enlist the power of scent.

For years, actually centuries, fragrant essential oils have been used for romance and seduction – this is nothing new.  In ancient Egypt and Rome, bathing with essential oils was part of the ritual of preparation for lovemaking. Particular oils were used to lure and allure… You all know what a renowned temptress Cleopatra was…well she used to scent the sails of her royal barge with rose water to seduce Mark Antony as she sailed to meet him.

The oils work with the olfactory lobe of the brain which is part of the limbic system, the same part of the brain that produces sexual desire. The oils have the ability to open the heart, relax the mind,  and stir the senses bringing you into a romantic, amorous state.

Create an evening of passion by mixing up these magic potions:

For a Romantic Evening…

Mix together:

  • 2 drops lavender oil
  • 3 drops ylang-ylang oil
  • 3 tablespoons apricot oil


Mix together:

  • 1 drop of orange oil
  • 2 drops cedar oil
  • 2 drops clary sage oil
  • 2 drops of vanilla extract
  • 2 ounces of apricot oil

Use either of these love recipes to give your guy a sensual massage – Cleopatra has nothing on you!

Visit: http://unleashyourselfoils.younglivingworld.com for oils

Love & Romance: 3 Tips for Happily Ever After

How would you like to transform your less than luscious love life into a
juicy and delicious love affair? The
key to a love life full of romance, passion and soul-to-soul connection is YOU. Single and sensational or married and magnificent – the key to happily ever after can be found in these three secrets:

#1 – Sparkle: the first place to start is getting back your
sparkle. This means falling in love with YOU! When you love YOU the world is a
fabulous place to be! You’re happy,
you’re excited, you’re having fun, you’re giving and receiving love –
basically, you’re living in abundance.

#2 Confidence: men find women with confidence positively
irresistible and sexy. Confidence says you love and respect yourself. You exude an energy that’s
magnetic, magical and mesmerizing. You know who you are and what you want. You
don’t expect others to create your happiness.

#3 Laughing – bringing play into your relationship opens the
heart, adds adventure and lightens any mood. It will get your man to open up
and talk more!  Are you frustrated by your man’s lack of chit chat? When you get him relaxed and playful, believe me, he’ll start yappin’ up a storm.

There you have
it. Reconnect with the real YOU –
you love yourself you take back your power. So go
find your playful, confident, feminine spirit
and you’ll turn your lonely, dull and disappointing relationship into a delicious, juicy love affair!

How to Spice Up Your Love Life

Hello My Sparkling Beauties –

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Getting her back means finding your Kefi (passionate, playful Self) thru attitude, body language, persona, and energy balancing.

Getting her back means embracing life with expansive joie de vivre! Live, laugh and love with gusto!

Join me live on this FREE 30 minute call and ask me anything you want.

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Love & Freedom,

Re-evaluate Your Love Life

Hey Girlfriend, we’re heading into summer –a time typically
associated with fun-loving times, midnight swims, picnics on the beach,
bonfires, outdoor concerts, sensual summer nights…so, what’s on your romantic agenda?

Is your pattern to hang back and let your man do all the
planning only to be disappointed?

Are you in a romantic rut but afraid to speak up?

Do you fantasize about doing something special but chicken
out at the last minute?

If any of these ring true for you it sounds like it’s time
for you to re-evaluate your love life.

Why not step out of your comfort zone and create a romantic rendez-vous
that will wow your partner and make you feel like an accomplished enchantress?

Engage your imagination and let yourself soar – it can be
something as simple as buying new lingerie and having a risque “fashion show” in your
boudoir. You’ll want your man relaxed so dim the lights, whip up some frothy
marg’s and play some sassy tunes to saunter down your cat-walk…

If you want to step it up you can send him on a treasure
hunt to find you…in your own home. Start with a map on the front door and leave
clues throughout the house (attached to essentials you might need once he finds
you:-) You’ll be waiting in the bathroom for him, a glistening sexy mermaid
ready to play in the tub..…

You get the picture – have some fun and create what you want
in your love life. Never take a back seat, life is too short to wait around!!!

Romantic Ideas: 3 Tips to Create Love & Romance Instantly

Hey Girlfriends, these romantic ideas will help you easily create a luscious “mood” for your love life! The fastest way to create ambiance for a romantic rendez-vous is lovely, low, lighting. The following 3 tips will give you some simple, inexpensive ways to change an ordinary bedroom into a sensual boudoir as well as make you look like a goddess.

Tip #1 – Switch out those old boring white light bulbs in the bedroom with some fabulous & fun red ones.  Like magic, their glow erases all sins on the body! Your skin will look amazing – soft, tone and alluring. This is a very inexpensive way to not only create a romantic mood but make you look incredible too – you are going to LOVE the colored hue on your skin!

Tip #2 – softly lit sconces on the wall add warmth and romance in an upscale way. Shadows created on the walls and ceiling add depth and mystery to the room. An easy addition to any bedroom, they will definitely set the mood for intimacy.

Tip #3 – Candles placed around the room screams romance. Include a variety of different shapes and sizes for more interest and throw in some candelabra’s for intrigue. The soft flickering of light not only makes you look younger, but also instantly gives you the glow of a feminine and warm goddess.

If you follow any of these three tried and true tips you will surely be setting the scene for some sensual romance. Low lighting sets the mood quicker than anything else – creating intimacy instantly and making you look like an enchantress.