Three Ways to Seduce

Body language at it’s core is the language of seduction.
It’s a powerful and subtle way of expressing and getting what you desire.

So why not take control of your own secret signals as a way
to exude confidence, tease with playfulness and just plain dazzle anyone you

The beauty of body language is that you can reveal so much about
yourself without ever saying a word.

Here are a few things you can do to create a strong
connection with a man:

Body Talk – Turn your body toward him, maintain
a straight and tall posture, pull your shoulders back and put your chest out.
It’s also important to maintain eye contact.

Sitting Pretty – If you have the opportunity to
sit, the sexiest sitting position for women, bar none, is the leg twine –
highlighting the muscle tone of your legs.

Hair Play – touching your hair and tossing your
head is also a common sensual signal for females and indicates attraction,
interest and self-confidence. This is a way to flirt playfully.

So   So there you have it – 3 ways to
shamelessly while staying in your feminine essence. Now that’s power!

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