Sherri Nickols offers a variety of services and products to help women get unstuck and move into a bright future. Whether single, married or divorced you’ll learn how to design a fun and joyful life and create the soul-to-soul connections you desire. You can participate in one of the programs below, give yourself the gift of private coaching, or both!

The SPARKLE System 6 Month Coaching Program

This 6 month coaching program is designed to empower you to life a life you love. End the needless suffering of feeling stuck in a life without passion. You don’t have to settle for a mediocre life. You deserve a happy, passionate, love-filled life full of deeply connected relationships. Today is the day that you can say NO to feeling stuck, NO to living a life without meaning, NO to hiding your light, and NO to settling for less than your full potential. Today you can make a choice to start living as the loving, enlightened, powerful woman you really are.

Create a vision for what you would love, then watch it become your life! Contact Sherri to find out if this is a good fit for you

Discover How to Find and Own Your Playful, Sexy Self!

This five-week teleclass is for those who want to break out of a romantic rut and learn the secrets to a love life full of romance and passion.

Get Your Sparkle On!

These three 30-minute guided visualizations will help you increase confidence, connect with sensuality and open your heart. “Sparkle with Confidence,” “Sparkle with Sensuality,” “Sparkle with Love.” Click here for this trio of CDs.

Sparkle with Feminine Power

This 30-minute guided meditation uses tuning fork sound therapy to open your feminine heart center, balance your energy and improve your connection to your essential sparkling essence. Learn more about tuning fork therapy with guided meditation here.

Manifest a Sexy and Sparkling Life

If you are ready to step into your magnificence this VIP 1/2 day of private coaching will help you get crystal clear about your future in all areas of your life. Together we will uncover your passions and desires with this block of time devoted solely to creating the life you want. Then you will be guided through a visualization incorporating all your dreams so you will see and feel this new direction for your life. You will be given the tools to magnetize your ideal life moving into your future with passion, trust and bliss. Click here to schedule

Romance-Capade TM Hot Line

Do you want to step into your stilettos and give voice to your creative expression? This one-on-one private coaching session will help you plan your very own, unique romantic rendezvous.

Sexy and Sparkling Workshops

Fun and interactive live events designed to awaken your feminine essence and sensuality. In a very safe haven, with the support of a small group of women, you’ll be able to break out of your patterns and learn how to become the sparkling woman you were born to be!

Sexy and Sparkling Retreats

Inspirational, experiential fun adventures in spectacular settings. These one-of-a-kind retreats will open your mind and heart to a new way of being, allowing you to step with ease and enthusiasm into your sparkling essence.

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