Sherri Nickols offers a variety of services and products to help women get unstuck and move into a bright future. Whether single, married, or divorced you’ll learn how to design a fun and joyful life and create the soul-to-soul connections you desire. You can participate in one of the programs below, give yourself the gift of private coaching, or both!

Heal Your Heart

The only step-by-step system guaranteed to dissolve subconscious blocks and reboot your divine feminine essence – in just 4 weeks!

This program is a proven system empowering spiritual women in troubled relationships to get past the agony of a broken heart, to reignite their playful, feminine selves, and to love again – more deeply and joyfully than ever before.

Of course, getting the results you desire on the outside can only happen when you first go within. And that’s just what I help you do inside this program.

I’ll give you everything you need to go from feeling sad, stuck, and shaky as heck – to sparkling with confidence, healing your heart, and overflowing with joy.

Sparkle With Love

Sparkle With Love is a year-long LIVE program that is exclusively by invitation only. Email for more information.

Sparkle Workshops

Fun and interactive live events designed to awaken your feminine essence and sensuality. In a very safe haven, with the support of a small group of women, you’ll be able to break out of your patterns and learn how to become the sparkling woman you were born to be!

Soul Sparkle Retreats

Inspirational, experiential fun adventures in spectacular settings. These one-of-a-kind retreats will open your mind and heart to a new way of being, allowing you to step with ease and enthusiasm into your sparkling essence.

About Sherri Nickols Coaching

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