Attention all women: Are you ready to MANifest the relationship you've always wanted? (whether single and seeking or in a committed relationship)


How To Understand Men

Cracking the Man Code Part 2

Due to so many questions coming in after the Cracking The Man Code call, we decided to host a 60 minute Q&A call!  

The Man Panel After Hours Q & A

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A panel of 4 men, married & single between 28 - 50

Best-Selling co-author
And filmmaker of
Project Everlasting
Mat Boggs


Your Host

Unleash Yourself Romance Coach,
Sherri Nickols

We’ll give you honest, heartfelt answers to all your pressing questions about men.

Why should you listen to Mat?

Mat is a co-author of the best-selling book, Project Everlasting: Two Bachelors Discover the Secrets of America's Greatest Marriages."  He's also produced a critically acclaimed documentary film, hosts his own international radio show, and has two Hollywood television shows in development.  He is dedicated to increasing Love in the world one heart at a time.

Mat's appeared on dozens of national media venues including: The Today Show, CNN Headline News, Fox News, CNN Showbiz Tonight, ABC Family, Oprah and Friends XM, Good Morning America, the Hallmark Channel, The Washington Post, The LA Times and The Daily News.

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If you are..... 

Tired of Trying To Figure Men Out &
Tired of Attracting the Wrong Men

This Man Panel After Hours Q&A is calling your name!

Face it.  When it comes to the opposite sex most women spend hours with their girlfriends dissecting their every move without ever figuring them out.  Why? Because us gals think a whole lot differently than our male mates and we’ll never discover the “answers” we desire by playing detective with our female posse.

So wouldn’t it be a complete coup to finally get the 101 on the male brain and heart? To know once and for all what men mean when they say “this” or do “that”?

Girlfriend is this music to your ears?


Yes, I Want the Secret Combination to Mans Heart & Mind!


This Teleseminar is life changing in that it will help you: 

  • Break relationship patterns that don’t work
  • Attract the great guy you want
  • Get more love, time and lasting attention in your relationship.


Still not convinced? 


Take it from audiences around the country...

"I just saw you speak…I was so moved (to tears in fact!).  It's really refreshing to hear a guy my age who understands that commitment is still a worthy cause."~ Amanda Lyle, Hallmark International

"From the lips of those who have done it, comes the power to make it work for you."~ Marianne Williamson, Bestselling Author of "Return to Love"

"Mat Boggs' work shows how to master the dream of everlasting love."~ Mark Victor Hansen, Bestselling Author & Speaker

"What a great class! The results I got are amazing!"~ Frani Gains, Denver, CO

"Mat Boggs is one of the most genuine, humorous, and insightful men — yes, bachelor man! — I’ve ever heard speaking on love and relationships."~ Brendon Burchard, Bestselling Author & Speaker, "Life's Golden Ticket"

Okay, I'm Convinced Sherri!
 How Much?

For a mere $19 you’ll get to listen in to the Man Panel After Hours  Q & A!

When you add up the SMALL FORTUNE you’ve spent on dinners & drinks with friends, talk therapy and the psychic realms in HOPES of a sliver of MALE UNDERSTANDING doesn’t it make sense to pay a PALTRY $19.00 to learn the SECRETS of man’s mind and heart?

Now's your chance not only to deepen your understanding of the male mindset, but to deepen your connection to his heart...Are you ready?

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When you register you will also receive, a complimentary, report “How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe,” by image and wardrobe expert Lori Ann Robinson.   She is an award-winning television costume designer, author, and professional speaker who has been dressing Hollywood's most beautiful people for the past 20 years.  This special report will never leave you guessing what to wear again - you will always look chic and with little effort.

I look forward to supporting you in creating the RIGHT relationship for YOU!


Sherri Nickols

P.S.  Did you miss Cracking the Man Code?  The audio replay is now available!  Don't miss this unique opportunity! 
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